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  1. Graphics, graphics never changes.
  2. BAN-HAPPY MOTHERFUCKER KEKEKEKEKEKKEKEKE *HIDES BEDIND A ROCK* But to be serious, it's not the right solution.
  3. Nah, proly going to be arcade type of game. I don't expect codemasters to release anything close to ofp.
  4. That's where i stopped readung, I'm drunk so ill be nice. gtfo asap shitpants
  5. your mum Funny. yeah your mum sucks ass How do you know? she just sucked mine So she'll be late. Perfect. Then I can go back to my plans about taking over the world.
  6. What's next sex games?
  7. Joe is a troll.
  8. gg
  9. I'm not really exited about the whole motion thing, It's probably going to be expensive.
  10. (COPY PASTE) MODDB has picked up the story The Mirror The Escapist Valve knows that people are angry, and are in full damage control. Even Gabe had Doubts before the sequel was announced So the team brought their concepts and ideas to create a sequel to Gabe Newell, and even he was skeptical about the idea. According to Faliszek, he expressed his doubts, and claimed this move was against the character of the company. "To Gabe's credit, and he's a great guy to work for, he said if this is what you want to do, if this is what you're excited about, go do it." So great, Gabe gave the greenlight, even though he suspected it was against the Valve philosophy. No word on how he feels now, but I';m sure he'll show a happy face to the public to get them to go along with it. Even some media outlets at E3 are failed to be impressed. Voodoo Extreme says Sure, there are updates to the Director and the game system. In fact there is a long list of additions and tweaks, but when you sit down and start playing, it really just feels like Left 4 Dead v1.5. The gameplay felt viscerally the same, you run to avoid zombies and slaughter them in masse. It's fun, but not revolutionary. Melee weapons are added, but let's be honest - shouldn't have that been in the first iteration of a zombie game? Destructoid had this to say. ...And yet, it still felt like I was playing a slightly tweaked version of the first game. I was hanging out with new characters, in a new environment, with a few new weapons and special infected and a new type of crescendo event, but...it still felt almost exactly like the first game, up until those last few moments. My strategies didn't change significantly, nor did the emotions I felt while playing the game. I'm all for new maps and everything, but what little I saw at this E3 playthrough didn't feel like enough to warrant Left 4 Dead 2's sequel status. I'll be interested to see what other new things the game will offer in the coming months before its slated November release, but I just don't feel all that thrilled for Left 4 Dead 2 just yet. It's fun, exciting, and tense, sure -- but it's all of those things in almost the exact same way the first game was.
  11. Joe, you are a troll. A fucking huge one, there is no denying it.
  12. And the other 25% on wiifit and sales. I was considering to smash my ds and use the parts to cut my fucking wrists.
  13. I hope they're not planning to replace the controller with this abomination.
  14. Why can't that fucking fagot mario die already. The wii has been out for one and a half year and has like 5 games featuring him, plus the two they announced at e3. The only game that caught my attention was Resident evil, so it's pretty safe to say that the whole thing was a total waste of my fucking time. Fuck nintendo.