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  1. I like essentially all your ideas here (except fire should still kill imo). Sadly my desktop has been busted for a few months now so I haven't been able to play since 1.04, but I was able to take down zombies no problem and my main goal became trying to get the group through. Adding more to the realism would an excellent idea!
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  3. Voted
  4. 1 would be so awesome! great call.
  5. Very cool! Congrats NMRiH team! Job well done.
  6. So just watched this movie called The Horde and this cop, Ouessem, has one of the greatest man vs horde scenes that I have possibly ever seen. watch till about 1:21:30 if you want the full effect http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxkvXs5OO7M&feature=related#t=77m13s It made me think instantly of NMRiH with the machete and standing on the car
  7. Hey I just came on to these forums to read some good zombie fiction and I wanted to confirm this and say that i've read this story! Couldn't tell you who wrote it but i definitely remember the walkie talkie part haha!
  8. Great to hear guys. I must say after keeping true to these weekly updates my interest in this mod is even greater than it used to be, can't wait for next week. Oh yeah if anybody else is in finals week like i am, good luck to you.
  9. I accidentally clicked it trying to avoid it of course, brought me to an adult friend finder site, nothing else happened.... yet.
  10. #1
  11. a knife to a teammates back wont instant kill if he has basically over 50 dmg, its not an instant kill... second you're an asshole and i hope i never play with you, and disconneting during a vote ban wont cancel the ban, if you disconnect the vote still goes through and if there are enough votes for banning your id then your banned from the server, leaving does nothing.
  12. it feels like the 4 year anniversary was a few months ago... jeez time flies, congrats nmrih hopefully an update is coming soon
  13. Do you mean Half Life 2: Episode 3?
  14. minimize and surf the web and then jack off until next round
  15. what makes you think you can kill 30 zombies coming at you in an alley without them reaching you during reload time, missing, and getting cornered...