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  1. Yeah nice stuff Matt .. added you on myspace. :0)
  2. jsut a note, gothic tested fistful of frags which I worked on - and did a good job reporting bugs and such. I Recommend him.
  3. If you're ripping from youtube - but from real weapon shoots and other home-made instructional vids... imo, that's fine to do and still takes some skill to pull off well. Rich gave you some good tips there of how to get started, that's all you need to know to get going really. Just mix things up as much as you can to create new stuff. One thing you should look into with these samples though, is making sure they don't distort (also called clipping) from being exported TOO LOUD! as these samples you've shown do... and it's a really really nasty thing to have on your work. If you're seeing red on your volume meter (in whatever program you use) you should use caution when exporting. It might be, if you're using gamers headphones that you don't really hear these issues clearly and your work just sounds BEEFY....but it will sound horrific on a lot of quality speaker systems. Not sure what your case is! youtube clips are notoriously distorted too... so maybe your source material isn't the best? .. i'd bypass anything that sounds too hot as it's just nasty digital noise (usually)...unless someone is using older gear (like western guns, distorting but cool sounding still.. analogue recordings) If you want to do some sound design, you'll also need to consider it's not all about guns... there's footsteps, voice over, ambiance, impacts (physics) and every other sound.. and you can learn to create all of it --- out of household items and a good mic. I promise.
  4. It's really weird there's people still working on this, including me --- but it's alive. ?? The new team is good.
  5. It's a bit random, but somewhat funny.
  6. Use a flash drive my friend. Get yer filthy code out of my sound forum *chew-spit Hi... I been around ish. :dance:
  7. Explain the post please *two barrels splatters code all over wall.
  8. Really old bike with limp tires, worn out breaks and a rotting seat - I got it from a dump to fix up as a project. Lol @ failed mission in the dark. sorry about your stuff kent :/, my brother had the ole console/dvd raid too.
  9. Mint... that bolter doesn't look like it was doing much though and he was taking a lot of hits. Hope the guns aren't too nerfed in favor of an insane melee focus. ^^ Gears for sure...but I do think they do concept justice with those visuals. Best bit, beating the shite out of that chaos warrior.. slap!x_x!
  10. That's pretty much how it is, it sucks and I wish we were setup to release some decent media, start beta testing and ramp up for release - it's just unfortunate the shit hit the fan (again) and now it's clogged. The team generally doesn't bicker about much with most being aged 20+ and having successful mod/map experiences in the past, so things remain productive - as long as the mod moves forward. That's the issue really, the whole team works well as long as the guy next to him is on the ball. With the coder issue, it's raped motivation and slowed things right down. We'll get it back though , just wish I had better news for you lot right now... these kind of posts bother me because NMRiH is never as straight forward as everyone would like it to be, would be amazing if it was. Don't like to disappoint. :/. Appreciate the support though, especially with L4D on our doorstep. NMRiH should be a different enough experience to L4D for fans to enjoy both, if not so exciting from release, then hopefully we can shape it into something special with a bit of feedback. Best thing to do if you just want to play the mod is do as Copet says and check the site every now and then, otherwise engage in some random banter, the more random the better seemingly . Anyway I typed a lot and probably didn't say much, I iZ just soundz u C .
  11. There's a couple of chances for a new coder here, we might grab more than one -> which would be great. This is offtopic anyway. Vid FTW.
  12. WAV please. 44.1khz, mono and compressed (zip/rar). Thanks
  13. sent you a PM deadwrtr
  14. yer he doesn't respond, that's been the problem. It wasn't clear if he was just AFK or AWOL for weeks. :/. This happens a lot in modding unfortunately.
  15. Coleman responded yesterday AFAIK - don't know anything past that though.