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  1. There is no logical reason for an atomic war, no one is stupid enough to start one. (Sigh) As I said before, no one knows what is going on in Japan, there may not even have been a nuclear war in that region. Again, as I said before, something that resembles Samurai does not take much resources (it could be made simply with the regular power armor with modified pieces).
  2. Yes, a nuclear war makes absolute PERFECT sense! What government in the world would like a nuclear war? Hmmmmmmmm. Also, its not our government that will make the Samurai armor, its the Japanese, also, they would make it to remember their ancestors as i said before, it is for honor. Where is your honor? EDIT: Also, the Enclave makes perfect sense also, President Eden makes sense.
  3. Yes, a nuclear war is real, power armor is real, super mutants are real, fire-breathing ants are real. The Chinese invading Alaska is real, Liberty Prime is real. Every goddamn thing in Fallout is real, I never knew that, thanks for telling me, my eyes were blind there.
  4. How would using equipment in a game be more awkward to use? Your logic fails, also, the "useless" problem can be simply solved by giving it different stats, plus its a unique armor. I'm pretty sure someone would make Samurai Power Armor in memory of their ancestors and history. Its not that fucking hard to think of. Btw Japan is still way cooler than America. Also, how would it cost more? Making something Samurai like isn't that hard. Its a fucking game, why are you thinking of real-world problems in a FUCKING GAME? Fuck your logic fails.
  5. Who says you can't make metal Samurai styled power armor? Wait, i guess it would sound fucking retarded to retards. Yes, Japan is the uncoolest place in the world, their anime and real life-sized Gundam are so uncool. and its filled with some of the smartest scientists in the world, already years ahead of the United States, too bad that sounds totally uncool. Fuck you and your racism. Go to hell.
  6. I'm pretty sure mis-reading does not count as retardedness.
  7. Oops, i didn't notice it was Fallout 2 lol.
  8. How can you be a level 1 in Fallout before fighting a Radscorpion? You level up to level 2 after your out of Vault 101 (unless I'm mistaken somehow) Seems like when you get out of Vault 101, you immediately turn to exploring and try to get into high-level areas, when you should be in Megaton doing the quests there and stuff. This game is easy in the beginning, your doing something absolutely wrong, even if the difficulty is on Very Hard, it shouldn't be too hard to get a good start. EDIT Forget this message, I didn't notice Shicken was talking about Fallout 2...lol
  9. I was well aware of that mod, if you thought about it and even tried it, you would know that it has many, many bugs, and the armor is pretty good, but it conflicts with alot of other mods and crashes most of the time.
  10. There has been nothing told about the Japanese in Fallout, and Bethesda can do whatever the fuck they want with the story, also no indication was said that China invaded Japan. Japan is cool, and forever will be. I mean, the next DLC is going to have aliens in it, and there is already a comfirmation of Samurai Armor in Mothership Zeta, so why not put in a Japanese faction in the game? It would be a fresh new feel. Also, to you other guys, there isn't a "rule" that says power armor can't resemble armor from the 17th century or is there? It can't ruin the atmosphere, its just a fucking piece of armor, simply sell it or bury under 6 feet of dirt and never dig it up again.
  11. Actually, Xbox has warrenty, and this is my 5th red ring, and i've gotten the xbox back free with 3 months gold live free. Also, a single Camel Spider have been spotted in a shipping container in a town in Colorado, which is the state where I live, they killed it, but there may be more. Nice knowing you guys
  12. Sidra, give me an arguement, seriously.
  13. I doubt this RPG will work. But I'll support you if it gets running.
  14. Whats so bad about it?
  15. Whats so bad about it?