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  1. The votekick and voteban functions should be far more intuitive and easy to use than they are now. They should also be advertised in game as well. I had absolutely no idea NMRIH actually had a built-in voteban function until I read this thread. I'm fairly certain I'm not in the minority, here.
  2. Currently, the first aid box is pretty much the ultimate zombie barricade tool. In fact, given proper positioning, a first aid box is far more useful in the middle of a door frame than it is for first aid use. I really don't think this was intended. Should something be done about this?
  3. In my view, preset, randomized attachments are a good way to "add" more weapons without having to model entire weapons. Metro 2033 did that fairly well; they only had five (?) different guns, but attachments kept them different enough so boredom didn't set in. And their attachments weren't even randomized. But if it isn't going to be added, it isn't going to be added.
  4. Rolling and somersaulting and that kind of crap doesn't belong here. But I do think that adding an unbound lean key wouldn't be pushing it. If mappers ever want to branch out and create an objective-based map around two groups of survivors competing against themselves AND the zombies, ala Dawn of the Dead, then a few basic PVP tools wouldn't go amiss. But it would take a lot of coding and animation.
  5. Isn't FF going to be permanently on or something?
  6. First time I played Halo, I somehow managed to stick a plasma grenade onto my foot. By accident. It was amusing, to say the least.
  7. Any ideas on how ammo hoarding will be solved?
  8. Zombie do rely on their spines. At least, in modern literature they do, I can't comment about 1800s stuff. A snapped/damaged spine=crawling zombie. Or even an immobile zombie, depending on where you hit him.
  9. I always thought that the body didn't remain powered for too long, that the virus simply burned through the body until the body stopped working. Depending on the literature, anywhere from 3 weeks to a decade...
  10. When you die, you should be able to play Pong with all the other dead people. I'm not joking.
  11. YOU STOLE ZPS' MASCOT? HERESY! No, this is epic. My thanks to the dev team!
  12. It is generally accepted in modern zombie fiction that zombies have one main weak point; the brain. Destroying a zombie brain typically results in zombie death. However, the only way to stop a zombie without hitting the head is to either destroy the nervous system, or deliver enough physical damage to cripple said zombie. In NMRIH, how will non-head shots work? Will different modifiers be used for different weapons when it comes to limb damage? For instance, an axe would generally be more destructive than a mallet if swung with the same force at the same leg. And will bullet caliber matter for non-head-shots?
  13. One last melee weapon... Crowbar? Cricket Bat? Flying Lawnmower?
  14. I want some sort of incentive for teams to stop camping and start fighting once the time limit starts to run low...and I want the zombie team to be relatively unbiased when killing humans. Hence, the insta-lose for the humans once the timer reaches zero...it's like a humiliation round dedicated to the zombies. I agree with the win ratio thing...it would get boring if the zombies won too many times. Anyone remember the story about the crashed cargo plane pilot? A variation on that... Game Mode Idea: 1 HUMAN team, 4-6 people. Team is semi-randomly placed on a map. Human team starts with MASSIVE firepower (shotguns, auto-rifles), but does not start with dedicated melee/light weapons. Zombie are spawned randomly, in a dispersed pattern. Zombies start in a relaxed AI state. Map spawns light weapons/melee weapons. Zombies move in a semi-random pattern that always converges slightly towards the human's location. Every time a zombie spots/notices a human, and lives long enough to warn the other zombies (through moaning), Zombie spawns increase by a significant amount, and the zombie AI goes to an aggro state for a longer period of time. After a set amount of time, an extraction zone is randomly placed on the map. Humans are warned when, but not where, the extraction point is. However, the point should be fairly obvious if a human pays attention long enough. Basically, humans are encouraged to play a stealth game. Getting noticed by the zombies too many times would lead to massive swarms of aggressive zombies. The use of nonsilent power weapons would be highly detrimental under most circumstances. Ironically, the human team starts with nonsilent power weapons...the worst possible choice for this game type. This game type is largely dependent on he flexibility of the developed AI. It's probably impossible to create in a realistic manner...I don't know any zombie game that has stealth-based play, though stealth is a large part of zombie survival in novels (most notably, Max Brooks). Has anyone tried to imagine the ordeals of the civilians left to die at Hamburg, or the soldiers trapped near Ghandi Park? Those would be excellent game modes...
  15. I just meant arrows that hit structures, not bodies. Basically, arrows that miss. From what I've heard on the ZPS forums, ragdolls are calculated on your computer, not on the server. This means that trying to mess with bodies is going to look kinda weird to the other people playing. Not sure if it applies to arrows, though.