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  1. 2d-chris has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?

  2. Hey Steaky, neat work, can you contact me via pm please and we'll talk some need your email or steam setup
  3. This projects most time draining feature is the AI and finding good balance for gameplay, the actual environments, weapons etc are not really going to hold us back that much if at all.
  4. lul, imagine a guy like that leading a zombie mod
  5. Welcome to the team!
  6. Pretty neat stuff! I'll be getting in touch I agree with the lighting but that's the kind of thing that can be tweaked quickly!
  7. Hi everyone, We're getting to a point where we'd like a few more talented level designers to help us out. We have a ton of assets and a dedicated art team to follow your every wish. Please send me a PM or apply on our application thread if you're interested in helping out. Proven work on Source engine is a must and it would be preferable to consider yourself intermediate to advanced with level design. Working on a modification such as this is a real advantage if you're looking to make games for your profession, you'll learn allot and have fun at the same time! Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you (PS I don't bite *sigh*) -Chris k
  8. Cool stuff!
  9. I've known Kosire over the internet for many years, yes from me Infact come to think of it I pointed him in this direction.
  10. We've done way to much work to let the mod "die" but with a good programmer we could get the thing done in a few months
  11. Nice, these days I think you could add a little more poly detail even for the low detailed mesh.
  12. <3 Canada
  13. The art direction is obviously as good as it gets, however, personally I don't like it for dark and mature games like this. Developers keep with art styles, you only have to look at epic and Valve to understand that. From a design perspective it's just perfect, overall it will be a kick ass game, even if the art is a little miss matched. I'd love it if there was a post process filter option in gfx settings that changes the colour and saturation balance to some nice presets. Loads of games do that now.
  14. A boat, with supplies, can't think of a better place ... it kind of shows the weakness in the whole zombie end of the world thing i'd love to see a zombie swim a mile or captain a ship.
  15. it's safe to say the game is all about level 80 pvp, that is once your out of tortage. I'm not that motivated to continue, but I will because I know pvp will kick ass