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  1. No one on these forums showed this to me, so as far as I'm concerned, it's new. That, and I just finished watching the Watchmen again last night.
  2. Current order is: 1) LeTrompe 2) scylendrey Have to wait
  3. Alternate version of Lucan's sig. dark_veil's sig was next Let me know if either one needs changes. This will be next on the list, followed by
  4. Lucan, here it is so far. I'm thinking I need to have the end of the barrel and the top of the dude's head sticking up, because I wasn't sure how it would look, so I may alter it still. I'll tell you what I told Maxx, NEED INPUT!! Colors, theme, images, anything. I'm not too creative when it comes to imagining stuff. This is stuff I can work from, lol. I'll work on this one next.
  5. Surprisingly, this thread belongs in the "On Topic" section.
  6. Heard that it was a group of worms that just collect into balls like those. Most of the time you find them underground, but now they're moving into man's land.
  7. The whole "Big Brother" crap only last's until the third part of episode 1. I just finished watching the whole thing, and it was better than Shawn of the Dead. Definitely a darker sense of humor. And the blood and guts are top notch! I hope this gets another season. People acting the way people SHOULD act in zombie situations. Even a reference to "Night of the Living Dead".
  8. Ok, my friend was looking on YouTube, and found all (I think, haven't seen them all yet) the episodes in the international version of YouTube. -NOTE: Subtitles are included, so if you can't ignore that sort of thing, be warned.- I'll try putting direct links in, but if it doesn't work, I'll tell you how to find them. Steps: 1) Go to YouTube, and click the link next to the logo to select the country you're looking in, and set it to Worldwide. 2) In the search, enter in "darkchia00". He is the user with all the episodes. 3) Click on his name next to one of his videos to find his YouTube channel. At the top of the channel, click "Playlists" 4) You can set it to your favorites so you can find it again easier, but the videos' names are DSs1e1p1 with the "e#" and "p#" changing as the episodes and parts of them change. As mentioned, here's the direct link for the goods. Hope it works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG0TFe7i6Kw...583&index=0 So what is it? It's a show about a zombie apocalypse (the best kind) that takes place during the filming of the Brittish "Big Brother". I've watched the entire first episode, and it doesn't really pick up until part 3-4. It does have some cheap "BOO" type scares, but it still seems rather interesting. But it's free, so shut up and watch it yourself when you got some free time.
  9. Was going to post this, because it does deserve posting. Haven't seen the movie, and for that matter, I never saw the first one, though it did seem more interesting. (And Megan Foxx wasn't "discovered" yet) Hard for me to watch this movie, or any other Micheal Bay movie after watching the following video clip. Micheal Bay - Explosions!
  10. Wow guys. Can't believe I'M the first one to post this. He'll be back. You'll see....
  11. I bought the PS1 game. And yes, the game was a piece of shit. Funny show though (at the time).
  12. Sounds like Left 4 Dead 2, ONLY FREE!!!! Sorry bout that. What was the stance on the Harvest again? I think I remember hearing it wouldn't be included, like ever.
  13. Interesting how that women has to try so hard to make a $140 beanbag look sexy.
  14. Easy fix. After you type something. read it out loud and see what it sounds like. If it's hard to read and understand, try again. I'd probably read more of your posts, but my father taught me that grammar and proper language are skills never to be forgotten. ("Like" and "um" were 4 letter words in my house.)
  15. No input from D3ATHRAV3N, so I made the other one. Hope he likes it.