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  1. Dear NMRIH community, I am dForce, I know many if not all of you besides Coleman may not have heard of me. But about a year or so back I posted a formal application to the need post about a Sound Designer, for the mod. Being my first project in the field of Video Games, I thought it would be something to enjoy, learn, and experience. Having my name in several credits in Movies for sound assistance, and production, such as Lord of the Rings. I offered my 15 years experience, as well as degrees, to help better the mod... Providing sample music to show, everyone raved and was truely speechless. But before long, a "Staff" member came along and on my application posted my music sounds like crap, and kept on insulting with reply after reply. I ended up closing my interest of forming partnership with the staff here, and in all checking the website for updates... For some ungodly reason, today after years of not returning, I randomly typed in the URL of the mod to see its progression. Why I was not shocked that after 5 years it has not been completed, I thought to myself... Besides the very overwhelming and obvious select few staff members who I first noticed to slow the project down, and be very immature on the forums... (Speaking of old staff, could be misspoken on the current staff) I would like to just tell Coleman a word of professional wisdom; "The time for mod to finish is way overdue, you know as well as I. I spoke with you on AIM about 1 1/2 - 2 years and you told me the mod was 70% done, and you told me as a friend, seeing how I did not have access to the private forums to find out myself. You are not only wasting the years of hard work of loyal staff members, but also fan base for waiting so long... Several mods that are without a doubt much larger in production finishing before you, the downfalls you faced slowed you down intermediately. I am appalled that you have not taken the leadership path I thought you would into finishing off this mod so long ago. Speaking as a friend, word of criticism. You should have done, or at least still do if needed, HIRE a professional staff positions that need to be filled... I know myself, and the community would gladly chip in portions to help COMPLETELY COVER the cost of employment fee to hire someone to finish off the mod. Think about it, sincerely, before you loose the entire community. Because I'm starting to notice that people who've been here for years more then me are beginning to loose faith forever, and not like where the mod fell one and re picked up, 5 years is along time... And Half life 3 is already in production... I would sincerely think out this option". I hope you take this as a word of advice, rather then attack. But if any of the old staff I encountered before is still here today, this thread will be not noticed properly, and continue to slow the production if not kill this mod. Sincerely yours, dForce "Best of Wishes, Old Friend"