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  1. Nice interview there 3pi, but I was kind of looking forward to those cyber zombies.
  2. No.
  3. Marvel comics are boring. Anime is crap. Harry Potter is overrated. Christmas is boring. Watching sport is lame.
  4. Yeah, apparently the show is ignoring the third movie and is simply continuing on from the second, meaning it's an alternate timeline, which is a good idea, considering how bad Terminator 3 was to most people.
  5. Cs is busy developing the mod. ISN'T HE!?
  6. I suppose you're right there, but there is a little too much pistol ammunition, but I suppose that's how it's supposed to be.
  7. They could at least merge MP5 ammo with Pistol ammo as it should be in the first place. Counter-Strike does it. It would also add a little more to the tension, not frustration by trying to find the exact box as it would just be the pistol ammo. Should you keep some in reserve for your pistol or use it all for your MP5?
  8. Yes, it does have grenades, and unfortunately, the MP5 uses rifle ammo, which is the same as the AK-47 .
  9. Will do. The part that shows how much ammunition you have left inside your gun is unfortunately inaccurate. I've realized that sometimes I have more bullets than what it displays. There goes your perfect inventory .
  10. I think it was Jakkar.
  11. It isn't that hard to win as a survivor. I mean, I always end up dead, but the rest of the survivors seem to handle themselves well. They're always together and watching each others backs. If they don't win, theres usually 0 - 4 lives left for zombies.
  12. I hope it's like the Zombie Panic Source music where it's so subtle you barely notice it's there, but it adds so much to the atmosphere and tension.
  13. Wouldn't that sewer map include a lot of water? If so then I'm scared that I won't even be able to touch it because it will lag like crazy.
  14. You still do so.
  15. Also, the music is great in this game. It's so subtle but oh so good.
  16. Omg wow, Mobius is back, after disappearing for so long.
  17. I found it pretty fun actually. The survivors actually won tons of rounds, and so did the zombies. It's a matter of sticking together and watching each other's back. My only problems are the barricade wars as Ano2 said, and the griefers. When someone blocks the way out of Deadblock, everyone just gets frustrated.
  18. I think they are, but I'm sure they said you could waste about a hundred bullets in their chest and they'll go down .
  19. Hehe, only 15 here in New Zealand.
  20. No antidotes. The best the infected player can hope for is some medkits to slow it down. We don't want a Team Fortress 2 like thing where you shoot your teammates and if they take damage, it means they're infected and you'll keep shooting until they die.
  21. Yeah, zombies are supposed to win 70% of the time, but unfortunately headshots are apparently bugged so they do the same damage as a body shot and most of the weapons are too weak. Heaps of people are complaining about never winning or only winning two games out of a hundred. Once they fix those issues, or figure a way to knock the ratio back into what it should be (7:3 is it? I'm not a maths guy), then gameplay will be a lot more fun.
  22. Woohoo. Thanks Pongles! Now we can actually get frequent updates -- hopefully.
  23. Oh dear. I hope they update quickly, but good on them for releasing it. I have a feeling the only way to improve it is to listen to what the players have to say.
  24. You're going to need a lot of custom stuff to make that map. Too bad that HL2 is geared so much towards the industrial feel. Some of the CS textures and props might work though. Are you mapping using both or just Half-Life?
  25. I was just reminding him, though I'm sure he knew that already.