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  1. It's been a long time since I've been on the forums and I'd like to say I'm back? lol if you guys remember me or have me on steam my alias on steam is Douche King Prime.
  2. it was just like yesterday...haha and yes Maxx I forgot who it was who made this signature for me but it was someone from the forums
  3. I'm actually currently playing in the Alpha. If anyone want's to play I'm known on the forums as seanitup so if anyone wants to play let me know I have a teamspeak.
  4. Who's your favorite champion? My main two are Kassadin and Shen
  5. What is your name? Sean "oftehdead" Hoeltje How can we contact you? pm me for steam ID and e-mail. Do you have a Microphone? surely do and use it quite often Do you have any experience? edit: I beta tested for Vindictus and Champions Online F2P beta server What is your Timezone/General Location? (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) What are your computers specs? Currently right now: AMD Athlon Processor 3500+, 8 GB Ram, x1950 Saphire video card, and I'm running windows xp. My new computer will be here soon : ) Have something else you wish to voice? Sorry I haven't been on the forums lately or ventrillo. Had some family issues I had to take care of but I'm back!
  6. sorry maxx haven't been in vent in a looong time.. didn't realize you hated this game heh : )
  7. woohoo!
  8. i wish i grew up on that farm
  9. can i has my money back
  10. hahaha wtf..
  11. i watched the pirated version before i even paid munay ;D
  12. apologize for postin a topic about me being drunk the other night
  13. hahahah
  14. just joined the Army. 11B or for some who dont know, Infantry.
  15. i took a gigantic
  16. lmfaooooooo
  17. about a year ago i shot off a 2 shells of #4 buck shot at a robber that accidently broke the door hinges and woke me up. i was watching my parents house while they were out to italy so luckily i had my shotgun out cause i just finished cleaning it so i loaded 2 rounds and went out to the living room and the guy flipped shit and dropped his crowbar and attempted to run away with my parents 42" LCD HD TV which probably weighed about 75 lbs which he dropped so that pissed me off and he ran so i shot at him. that night the cops caught him and drove to my house because i shot off a fire arm in a public neighborhood but they let it off because i was defending my parents home. I got the guy pretty good though in the leg, filled his calves up with pellets haha.
  18. this kind of music makes me think of flaming homosexuals kung fu fighting.
  19. maxx your calculations are genius!
  20. maxx i want your grand children.
  21. clash of the titans remake...gonna be the best movie eVAR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6CJenNMsb4
  23. got bored and looked into my email and my brother sent me some video and i was like hey cool and opened it and i was frightened and hurt emotionally and physically. this is my 2nd reaction to this evil presentation and 1st reaction for these kids haha
  24. A.V.A Online is a First person shooter that uses the Unreal Engine 3. Its nothing like these crappy free to play shooters like Combat Arms or whatever you want to call those other sorry games. This game is 150x better than any FTP shooters. check it out: http://ava.ijji.com/index.nhn?from=desktop and here's a video: and here's another good video: i couldn't find an English version game play for the game since it just came out. You all should check it out, it's really good.