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  1. Thank you kindly. I downloaded and installed/verified the new Desura patch, and the game started up fine this time. I had a bit of trouble connecting to servers (invalid Steam UserID ticket), but a fix from Google solved that issue. Everything seems to be in working order now. Thanks again.
  2. I'm having the exact same problem. I used Desura to download the full version 1.4.
  3. Just watched the vid, looks REALLY good guys. I loved the atmosphere, and I can just imagine playing and having the shit thoroughly scared out of me as I do so. Can't wait.
  4. *sigh*
  5. Actually, it does. He physically fired the weapon. Sooooo... it counts.
  6. I saw this during the Awards and laughed my ass off. Really makes you realize how many action movies have the same exact scene. It gets Redfield's stamp of approval.
  7. "What the fuck" Two words, hmm? *counts on his fingers* Damn it, I lost count. No, in all seriousness, I'm gonna have to look into this. I may have just lost all faith in video games.
  8. Damn, now I'm nostalgic as hell for TSRP... good times.... TSRP was amazing. I've never played another game that even came close to the RP that could be accomplished in TSRP. I played the Defcon demo, maybe it was just the learning curve, but I wasn't a fan.
  9. Will you marry me?
  10. I played in the Alpha. It's an interesting idea, and quite a fun play. It found it outrageously difficult at parts, however. It did have a very SWG feel to it. And I don't mean original SWG.
  11. Uh, yeah. It's good to be back? Been busy, busy, busy. Fighting off the Moon Raiders.
  12. I actually made a case on the Aftermath section of the site and in doing so ended up getting on Sonny's (the Spetsnaz guy on the show) bad side. My major beef was the Makarov vs. M9 test. And, before I continue, I own a Makarov and actually like it more than the Beretta, BUT... Ask anyone who has much knowledge about both, they'll tell you the M9 is MUCH better. It's a full-sized handgun, more fit for service on a battlefield, whereas the Makarov is a compact pistol. The size of the Beretta gives a longer sighting radius, directly attributing to easier accurate shooting. The Beretta also has almost double the magazine capacity of the Makarov, a considerable advantage. Not to mention the considerably higher amount of stopping power of the M9's 9x19 Parabellum over the 9x18mm Makarov. However, instead of even mentioning these clear advantages over the Mak, the producers saw fit to favor the higher amount of skill shown by the Spetsnaz during the test. Now, I wouldn't have a problem with that, however, if not for the fact that this is in fact a contradiction. On earlier Aftermaths, it was stated that the skill (or any traits for that matter) of either warrior in any given match-up really can't be taken into account since it's all speculation. Leaving the weapons as the only real, scientifically testable item for either warrior. Apparently, they forgot this for the Beretta vs. Makarov test. Also, the grenade test clearly favored the Americans. A grenade in a washing machine placed in the center of targets who are several feet away in an open environment is obviously going to have a less spectacular effect than a grenade dropped into a confined space, basically right on top of two targets.
  13. I second that. Even if Darwin did marry his cousin, Andrew Jackson was a shitstick.
  14. Alright, message received - but just as you seem to think that we ALL don't care about the video, we really don't care about your opinions. So why even state them? Just to assert the opposite by bash the video and assume everyone else feels the same way - that sounds pretty contradictory to me. OK, so you hate children - alright. I'm not going to flame your opinions on that. However, people can post whatever they want on the Internet - and believe it or not, some of us actually LIKE those things.
  15. Maxx, tell me - is it absolutely necessary for you to be so fucking contradictory all the time? I for one found it cute and hilarious.