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  1. Sooo groaning like a monkey in heat counts as beat boxing now? I love Ensiferums remake of Uriah Heeps Lady in Black.
  2. Yeah thats my dog, yeah I had named him after a reindeer as a kid.

  3. Pretty Funny Spoof Trailer.
  4. is that your dog or something? "prancer"?

  5. Saw it in theaters ((don't judge me to to harshly, I was originally going to see Zombieland, but one friend couldn't make it, so we saw PA instead)) It wasn't brain drooling terrible, and I'll admit I laughed at it faaaar more then felt any other emotion, I'll shit you not, one scene involved the "demon" opening a door, leaving it open for a few hours and then... CLOSING IT, ho shit terrifying I know. The thing is though the movie had its moments, it took the Jaws approach to horror with the "less is more" and to be honest if "less is more" is your kind of thing it works well, even if the less can be stupid at time. Plus it was well acted, and you could actually connect with the characters, you understood the boyfriends curiousness and need to provoke it and document it, you could understand the girlfriends fear and depression about this demon thats been with her throughout her entire life. I understand the hatred for this movie, I DESPISE Blaire witch, but this movie was alright with me. http://www.spoonyexperiment.com/2009/10/11...ivity/#comments http://thecinemasnob.com/2009/10/16/brad-a...l-activity.aspx And besides "Drag me to hell" name the last GOOD horror movie, even if this isn't entirely original at least it isn't another damn sequel or remake.
  6. Been waiting for a trailer for this for some time now, looks pretty good, not as good as I had hoped for but still worth while. And to be completely honest I hope Romero doesn't have to much creative control with this. Also I completely agree with you Bluehawk Lux Aeterna is way to fucking over used, a damn shame too it was such a good song.
  7. Miniature horses are far greater then Ponys.
  8. Haaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha.. ahh.. hahaha..ahhhhhhhhhh. Crazy bitch.
  9. Well, thats not really a full on robot in and of itself. However, seeing as how someone took the time to stuff a rat brain into robotic casing of sorts, theeen I find it kind of cool.
  10. I really can't find the time to be impressed by a bunch of wires and gears and electronics in the vague shape of a human programed specifically the play the violin. Wake me when someone develops a robot that does this of its own free "will". This is just a more sophisticated version of a player piano as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Holy Shit, this just made me realize Patrick Stewart is a mortal capable of dieing. FUUUUUUUUUCK.
  12. Seems to me if it annoys ya so much just don't click on that there links when he ah posts them. *Take a sip of a cold beer* Ahyup.
  13. I first read that as Pooh Bear is out there with no arms. Now I'm imagining Winnie the Pooh with two severed arms bleeding to death in the middle of the forest.
  14. So was this suppose to inspire some form of political debate about gun laws? Or are we suppose to take it at face value, just a thread with a Family Guy screen capture in it?