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  1. OkeiDo has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?

  2. Right now any mod on ModDB can be voted on as this is the first phase. Then the 100 most voted mods will be divided into different categories for further voting (such as Best released, best unreleased, best indie etc).
  3. Stole my van! FFUUU
  4. That's because I designed the gameplay for it, duuuh!
  5. Joe has a chance to prove himself as a new member that no one knows, I won't take that away from him hehe. I'm around to moderate if things get out of hand!
  6. Joe get back here!
  7. Wait wait, is he banned from here or something? I remember him from these forums but not for doing something bad.
  8. Also, NT included 13 tracks that could be played from the Sound folder but the CD was available for fans that wanted the entire album with 20+ tracks. Nice update NMRIH! Who is making your music?
  9. Holy smooookes! Awesome renders!
  10. Sweeeeeeeeeeet! The level pics look really nice, so does the rest of the media. Great job!
  11. I don't think people should place suggestions about a mod they haven't played, especially when there is no public design document but I feel that the I&S forum section might as well stay open. Suggestion sections are good for those people that really have to post their ideas, the team doesn't necessarily have to read them but they could find inspiration for things they might want to implement. From my experience, you can get good ideas by reading an idea that might be similar. I think suggestions and ideas should stay out of the General discussion board, I want to read that section without having to trumble through threads with someones mod ideas. EDIT: Just browsed through that forum. Please, make a sticky Weapon suggestions thread.
  12. A lead tester should be part of the Dev team (I think Inf4rmer is lead?) so him getting access to that forum shouldn't be a problem! Give admin to Inf4rmer and Dman!
  13. Nice to hear an audioupdate again! I remember last how they got a little long though (for my taste atleast but can be nice to listen to a long talk or discussion if you're doing something else). This one was fairly short but was nice listening to, keep it coming! Also, AWESOME that sickjoe is back and drawing. NMRIH have always had some of the best concept pieces if you ask me.