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  1. I got a sweater, an iPod 80GB, Rock Band although i got a faulty guitar and am currently sending in for a new one , Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, and a little over $100. And lots of chocolate, everyone who gave me something gave me some chocolate...
  2. This just draws more crap for the rest of us gamers. Some people's logic, I will never understand. If they tried to do CPR (which they probably had no clue what they were doing), they must not have wanted to kill her. Then why the flying fuck would you kick and body slam her so badly that she has a broken wrist and an internally bleeding brain?
  3. That didn't ruin the entire movie for me, but I agree that it did seem that he threw his life away unnecessarily. Perhaps he did want to die...
  4. Nope, I read it in a magazine somewhere... the one from Gamestop, I think. Game Informer, perhaps? LOL indeed.
  5. QFT Actually, the .exe file that the IW team used was called cod3.exe . And, Call of Duty 4 is amazing.
  6. I'm sorry my post appeared childish, but in no way did I mean to smack religiously oriented films. In fact, I plan on seeing The Golden Compass and own Narnia. And I agree it would be lukewarm and anit-climactic if I hope this clears up my post for you, Gamegus, and I would appreciate it if you would let off the flaming. (i.e., "Grow the fuck up.")
  7. Ewww, Treyarch. Infinity Ward, pls.
  8. I'm always playing it alone. Who else has it? (For PC, that is).
  9. Yea, you're pictures are so easily manipulated.
  10. But the same idea... i.e. holding a chicken. Like in this video... it could show you holding the rock, and then a similar animation.
  11. Does your sig have anything to do with that? And, if yes, they'd be stacked on top of eachother in the basketball court sized arena. I lawl just thinking about that.
  12. Do something like Crysis.
  13. I'm really hoping for Rock Band for my 360, or Mass Effect. Money's always good too, since I'm looking to replace my iPod that somebody just recently stole.
  14. i agree with realtop, I love my iPod. Loved that is... it got stolen a few days ago :'-(