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  1. I was born weird! See that trash can with me in it? It's where I was born and that's weird. I can't help it!
  2. lucky you. I don't get that kind of peace. I guess im important.
  3. what are you doing? why me?
  4. I just wanted to know a few things that you like about every week, like if you enjoy the weekends.
  5. well, im hoping someone who does know what I mean would come forth clean, if u want to know what I mean I mean I know im not the only one who sees my ideas and rants being exemplified or used in the same time frame it was released. if it's not in thanks of my hard work for thought, it would be nice to understand the kind of people I am dealing with... without the... WAHR.
  6. It's just an idea based on all my experiences and wanting to be involved with making game ideas.
  7. Your signature, mugi, it brings us the topic: the thing that makes our weekends tick. Your signature maybe suggestive, but all musicians know they can make music, but not everyone understands musicians. We already know few musicians get noticed and make loads of money. Therefore, it's not always suggestive to tell a musician to make music, while music comes from a lot of soul. TSo the question is: why don't we try to do the things we want to do? I keep thinking people just know more than they can handle, but then have nobody to apprehend them from that. For instance, I cant really talk to people who seem to know something about me, which leaves strangers like you the ability to say: "that's weird and a little paranoid..." Though this may seem off-topic, it's rather supportive of it, since you failed to elaborate on "goreshit," but what would your response be if you realized some people like me are being screwed so perfectly that someone like you would say exactly what they want you to say in support of them? It's like a WAR for my SOUL. Surely, im just someone's work probably and they don't give a fuck which direction I go. I'm too pseudo-violent to be let off, righhhht?!~ Well, whatever think up that won't show up here, just know this fella right here's got people in person who also don't give a fuck what I do. If I bite hard enough, I squeal. Their goal is to make me attack so the ycan do what they want to me. There's nothing I can do for myself or for you, but I can ask you this question: DOESN'T IT SOUND LIKE FUNNNN? Hey, like my James Holmes story once posted here, here's my disclaimer denials: This isn't off-topic if we're trying to finally get TO the topic! Don't you think discussing or compelling a response is worth a try?
  8. It has become quite clear that friendly-fire is a menace to all video-gaming, even though gamers of the past have enjoyed free for all death matches in various games, where the presence of friendly fire is emulated, or pseudo-existent: FFA Tribes, Quake death match, Half-Life death match. Golden Eye 64 generic multiplayer is a death match. Some of the most fun games in StarCraft: Brood War, among luxurious weeks provided by parents, reluctantly and luckily involved Free For All: 8 man FFA! In StarCraft 2, it will be years until I ever have a computer and even more years to wait for one day where a 12-man FFA is legit among a very proletarian-effed society. Since it's so difficult to renew a once-legitimized vice among the general vice of video gaming, why not try to be PG about it and introduce it in one map? The following will describe to you how such a map will be fun to all company of No More Room in Hell. Ghetto-friendly city This location brings the term ghetto to an all-new meaning, when the entire city becomes a ghetto itself. Any floor of any building has an escape route: blown walls, zip-line escapes from bathrooms or bedrooms. Hell, there's even a stock-pile of trash stacked to the third and fourth floor; easily destructible with the right caliber of weapon or fire! Just let it burn furiously for a few seconds before breakable items that make the trash fall and dissipate onto the ground. Then boom, you have one way players can modify the map by using fire. Allow more ways of doing this so some people have fun by bringing order with abridging sources of entry. It's one of many ways people can enjoy getting through a map's race to the end. Why have such a map with so many entries and exits? Well, what's left there to do when there's no order, law, or the good-graces of people you once may call the saviors of our territory of today? The answer is post-prejudice. When, there's no more luxury for choice and change, people will only remember their last thought in hope against all odds and to possibly "resort to killing if the suspect gets mad enough (at my treatments specified by the rest of the group combined)." In this map, players fight for themselves like in the ring of WWE wrestling. Mommy and daddy aren't just rooting for you in heaven, but merely waiting. However, there's not much fun in this reality without chance. The following list will sum up what a friendly-fire based map needs: I. Many ways to escape. If all players start in one room, they will rush for a weapon to defend themselves. This in repetition gives nobody the chance to collaborate via digital appliances and freedoms, such as remote exits and the justice of running into zombies in corroboration for choice in war raw as fuck. While this entire topic sounds dreadful and calls for all churches to collaborate, the goal is making this idea fun. a. Let someone have a neutral fair vs. unfair adventure by starting in the same spot beginning the game Resident Evil 2: fire, zombies, and moving forward. b. Let someone spawn in an apartment, hotel, etc. being overrun with zombies, forcing you to use a zip-line high above the ground. 1. If you can, let there be a balance system. If you sway too far, the line breaks and you fall to your death. This can also be emulated with stamina. 2. Hit space bar to clinch your grip, which uses stamina, but the stamina bar might shrink or increase; thus, forcing you to be wary about when you hit space-bar. 3. Let some start in luxury and with weapons. This person can be good or bad, but general must leave for food. That's the idea, but not the goal. The goal is freedom for all based on NMRiH's gameplay goal: based on you. II. Disabled global-communication on the microphones. Have you ever felt jealous of someone on the phone while in the visual company of you? While you may feel hung and happy by now, the truth is your body thanks you for YOU surviving in spite of life, and it WILL thank you for going back in time in due thanks for a map like this keeping people from communicating from radios or cell phones that wouldn't exist in a power-outage. III. Provide people with means of exiting the server instead of their own choices. a. Send out an S.O.S on an activated radio and find flares throughout the map to carry to a top of a building to shoot for helicopter support. Not everyone has to escape, but the person chooses. 1. The helicopter can provide weapons for cleansing the area as an incentive to keep going instead of leaving with it. 2. The helicopter gives you the choice. If you leave with it without leaving the server, you re-enter the map in a Humvee with the military waiting. b. Fix up a car and leave. 1. Successful player(s) get to come back into a different part of the city with guns, or choose to leave before offered the choice is offered. IV. Give enough activities to provide any player who has accomplished all mini-missions without leaving a chance to play part in VIP opportunities. a. This is an idea not created. It's just an idea in regards to a map like the Resident Evil 2 police station map invented by mappers of No More Room in Hell. Players who try hard enough get noticed and get a chance to play the next-playing of VIP-opportunity maps within a specific game. 1. Kind of like the opportunity to play the old Zombie Panic once given to the Zombie Panic community, cool opportunities are given to those active on the internet and in video games about opportunities like these, or respond to people on microphones who can help bring these opportunities to people while gaming. V. Sweeten and spice up the touches of hell a. In as many ways possible, bring interesting sounds of atmosphere assumed to be coming from bugs, creatures, or even aliens! Sources as examples: Various video games like Eternal Darkness menu sounds, boss variations, etc. Great music featuring ambience-like instruments. Even songs coming from great artists like Eminem can help you think about "realities" music brings while using special styles that might not be musical. b. Give 3 different spawn-styles which are ultimately random. 1. Spawn in the same spot twice for two rounds. This allows players to anticipate what they want to do by remembering their mistakes. 2. Each player spawns in a different spot every time. 3. Completely random. 4. So there's numbers 1 and 2. Then, random under a system totally randomizing the 3 to avoid expectations. VI. Since mappers spend so much time mapping, I suggest mappers have meetings over what they do from now on to help forge better thinking-processing among themselves, instead of working like a running-dog who never will stop to think patiently for the rest of its life. With maps as variant as this one, we can say "ouch," like Zimmerman on black people, in a video game without actually hurting someone in real-life. Only the best techniques acquire sanctum like movies from Universal Studios; hence the word Universal.
  9. It's self-explanatory. Well, you have the poll for guidance. I'm interested in direct feedback from this community about what makes your weekends great, because although I can think about it, I really have to make a connection to really feel satisfied; just like right now. Although unfortunately, I have a population undermining me in anything I do and I can't prove it. So when I do make a connection, it's in a very nature to fuck with me, instead of permitting my goals. See, I could have been well done with my goals and ready to make connections with people and begin a future for a family one day. Instead,"they know better than me" and I want to hurt them, esp. anytime I see the police seeming to be ignorant of any need I necessarily need under God and in my good graces. It's like in the zombie apocalypse: what's there to steal when the owner is probably dead or murderous by now? That's called plausible negligence. Anyways, because of all that goes on, QED in all my previous messages, I can't form a decent week to help fuel a fine one like this one during the summer. For a week like this where I get to NEARLY live alone, I'd wish I already had work-like activities I'm WILLING TO DO, but if I'm doing it against my will, I learn to stop and deviate from my family and community. If they don't like that, they shouldn't be asking for it. Like everyone is a different thinker, you gotta think about God or Jesus and think to yourself:"maybe what we believe or value doesn't actually touch what Joe is capable of." If that's still not helpful information, it's only going to cause more precious time to be wasted, even if we shouldn't have to think about that. People do desperately when they need a job. Therefore, everyone needs to stop. Maybe the right people here can begin to help me by expressing themselves here. Be quite simple and just explain what exactly makes your weeks tick. Is it college, work, being involved, or what do you think? Could have something to do with good days out of the week? Try to answer these questions, please. Do you look forward to the weekend? Do you anticipate its arrival? Why? Is it people? Are they in a video game, friends, or family? If the weekend isn't your expertise, which day of the week is your favorite? Why? If it involves video games, which video games are they and why? Try to be precise, exemplifying the feelings the game gives you. Do you listen to music everyday? Does it involve Joe on a picture collage and bulletin board on how you wish to kill him? Getting in touch with your inner-feelings might negotiate to yourself and the world around you for much better weeks to hopefully climb instead of progress. See, sure life isn't necessarily something people should rush in like it's a Nazi apocalypse, which is why some people don't worry too much. However, it's just how you look at it. During those times of struggle, you definitely had to make haste, right? Therefore, we only live in the benefit of creating. So life depends on where you are born and raised. For Americans, or people of 1st-world countries, we are born in heaven so that anything considerably difficult is done easier through SPENDING MONEY. My oh my, my terrorists can't even send a letter of grief to the police to begin working things out for me. I really wish I can get back on board with my life. Don't you think it's sometimes helpful to give someone a break and know how natural life works?
  10. IKR? When I'm holding a hammer, I know very well that I can reach something farther than my hands can go from my standing point. If NMRiH is about the self in the apocalypse, then I am pretty sure people will finally take penny for penny as they grow more hungry and weary and use everything they can for protection. So that extra foot will mean something to for clairvoyant NMRiH fans and newcomers. If I were "you," I'd fix this fast! It's probably easier than making a damn resume or portfolio.
  11. Like animals being unable to speak, you can never ask the dead what it all was like dying or being dead shortly just after it happened. It's possible that it depends on the "seasons" of your mind. It's like the random days you have dreams. Dying in the morning could be different from dying at night. However, you know damn well what it is to be dying. Plus, there is phenomena on blind lights your brain might interpret as light. So be it dreams or lights, it would be very human to get creative with this. I prefer a video game staying a video game. So if there's a way to incorporate your death to combat, besides each player's range of guilt and ways of giving in, like choosing to die so everyone can respawn, I am all for it. That's why I suggested ghosts and subtle ways to influence fate.
  12. no I mean what I just said: prepare for them every round and talk to the other victims. attack them, too. besides, the game isn't developed to compensate friendly fire! as ive said many times, the game needs different spawn locations so players have a chance to hide, spy, and conspire against mauraders.
  13. In a way, im glad. I could think up ways that could have kept the hype going, like comprehensive updates that would make it look new again and again. IN the end, its what the game gives in a period of few hours that will give it good reviews or not. its all about reviews, I think. u tell people its good, and they want to play it. NOW, it costs money, and ppl look at $20 bills like a $1 if they have money. So if it costs $20, u got a lot of people wary about their money going "FFFF! shit aint hgappanienhg!" The developers are arseholes to me. in complications, they can do that to one person. I mean they have on their Zombie Panic: Source front page about someone dying. I SWEAR that's ANOTHER story I typed about like James Holmes. my goals of talking trash is to instigate the "instigators" whom I still don't know about. they're probably wanabe Italian/Muslim MAFIA/cops who take shiet too seriously, yet cant say a damn thing to my face, lol "cuz they'd probably want to hurt me." WoW. tough. tOO BAD for that. I like Zombie Panic. At least Contagion, a mod I could try in a few months or next year, is about Left 4 Dead.
  14. If zombies were more deadly or vicious, you can allow players to pick up a pcp pipe to wack up and shove them away with easy. If the zombies were more deadly, they can attack from behind. With infection also possibly being faster, since zombie viruses are confusing and unreal and all, your own teammate can kill you in part of a rare possibility.
  15. UH, other residential evils? Albert Wesker wasn't exactly a mere coincidence. Even for detectives for crimes, everything involved in it IS A COINCIDENCE. However, if you are primarily the cause, then fuck. They think you're great for satiating apprehensiveness of a community, USUALLY HOSTILE AND WARY. ... and you can't consider vigilance as suspicious behavior. At least Eminem did