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  1. there is a Walkthrough, and there are three types of maps - .bsp, .nav, and .nmo. The last format - .nmo - is a file that is responsible for the task on the map, which the player must complete, and it is not downloaded, unlike the first two servers, and therefore you cannot play this map yourself. how to download it if the map is not in the public domain (gamebanana, steamworkshop?)
  2. Hello. I have two questions regarding the infection. 1) How does the health reserve affect the chance of infection from a bite? As an example, the occurrence of bleeding depends on the stock of health, namely: "sv_bleedout_threshold" = "45" - Health threshold for 'low health' bleedout chance "sv_bleedout_chance_high" = "0.05" - Chance for bleedout at not 'low health' "sv_bleedout_chance_low" = "0.15" - Chance for bleedout at 'low health' And everything is clear here. But there is only one variable specifically about the infection: "sv_infect_chance_modifier" = "0.975" (0.14 in Nightmare mode) - Modifier for infect chance formula As I correctly understood, the player has 2.56% to get infected on the Classic, and 86% on the Nightmare. But, according to personal observations, severely wounded players were infected much more often (with about 45 hp), and almost always - if the player is dying. (1-20 hp). I have not been able to find any console commands that calculate the odds of infection. Is there any information? 2) It seems that zombie runners are more likely to infect the player than regular zombies. Is this an observation error or is it really there and is there something to check?