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  1. Desperate times require desperate measures. Being the only student in the class passing a certain test I now won't have to attend any classes. However in exchange I am now forced to write a heap of essays and presentations which are both to be written in a more "advanced" way than usual, and at the same time easy enough for the rest of the class to understand. (Even if i won't have to attend any classes I do have to visit some times to lecture them on a subject I've picked or a book I've read.) My task in short is to write an essay + a presentation on a subject related to new technology of any kind. The question which I need an answer to is: "What could I write about that is both multifaceted enough for an essay and easy enough to explain?" Please hint me about anything which i could write about. Thank you for reading.
  2. Exterminating species is more profitable than you might think!
  3. That sentence doesn't make sense. And No.
  4. Who would be desperate enough to use a ladel as an anti-zombie weapon?
  5. I don't get the point of earth hour. So what if a couple of million households turn their electricity off for an hour? In a best case scenario it'll buy us what, 10 hours before hell breaks loose?
  6. Only Fox News.
  7. How do you explain that most moderately socialist countries manage better than you do, looking from an average citizen's aspect?
  8. I moved a couple of months ago, and when in Rome.. I even picked up a bonefide Texas ax-eent. In my wet hairy dreams I did.
  9. America is one nation under god and no true american will allow unconstitutional behavior or communist infiltration affect our healthcare. I'd rather see Texas secede than for it to be a part of the godless wasteland america has become.
  10. Obama is a goddamned pinko and you know it
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htnvzLU1I1o I don't care that it's old, I just had to post it.
  12. Zing.
  13. Designing Under the Influence.
  14. I love it. You obviously haven't seen many of Gilliams' films, out of them all 12 monkeys is the most "down-to.earth."
  15. I only have to click it 2-3 times :>
  16. 12 Monkeys.
  17. Excuse me, what is this football I'm hearing of?
  18. How come the chinks didn't clobber Las Vegas along with the rest of the country?
  19. Quarians are the dirty commies of space. All hail the migrant fleet.
  20. These news be olde.
  21. That's kind of creepy, father.
  22. Because God has always been an asshole in Christian mythology. It's their way of scaring people into submission. "Behave or God shall smack down ye with great vengence and furious anger."
  23. God sends all his angels to eradicate humanity and somehow that's not christian propaganda? Well atleast it looks like grade A bullshit to me.
  24. The one aspect I think western system of law lacks that the soviets had right is that you could line people like Uwe Boll, Dennis Quaid and Will Smith up against the wall and execute them for their crimes against humanity.