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  1. In this game, you're simultaneously a player and a GM. As a GM, you control one of the four principles; Love, Hunger, Fear, and Hate. When a player makes a roll relating to your principle (Love = healing, helping, negotiating, Fear = hiding, lying, escaping, etc), the role of GM rotates to you and you interpret the roll, and you stay the GM until a new principle is rolled against. This means that there's a real focus on shared cooperative storytelling as you all work to keep the story coherent.  Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire

    The actual mechanic is really simple - your stats are rated 2 to 5, and divided among the four principles. When you take a test, it's 1D6 against the relevant stat; if you roll over it goes bad, if you roll under it goes okay (a complication caused), and if the roll is equal to your stat then it's a success. You can also apply modifiers if you have relevant gear, or if you were or who you are now are relevant (for example in the game I played there were instances where who my character used to be - a mechanic - was relevant, and who he was now - the pragmatic muscle - was more useful).