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  1. So my little brother has forgotten his password for Xbox live and needs to cancel his subscription, is there anyway to get it back or at least find out how many letters it was? Think it automatically logs him in on bootup or something Dont live in the states, said you could only cancel it from the Xbox... Microsoft epic fail tbh
  2. God damn it, that's not all! Because if one of those things gets down here then that will be all! Then all this - this bullsh*t DLC that you think is so important, you can just kiss all that goodbye! Linky
  3. Touching Children is wrong? Because the Catholic church seems to think its aight and they're supposed to be a moral authority under God. Peace
  4. If this isn't fake then then..
  5. Don Cheadle didn't really get a lot of character development, he was just sorta there : /
  6. Very surprising, deserves its own thread tbh I wonder if this is a response to people cracking the beta
  7. Call Of Duty 18: Sellout Edition Only for gaystaion 3
  9. How the fuck did he stick the knife that far into the guys skull?? I smell bullshit... Unless the kid was Bruce Banner
  10. Let the man speak mute I want to know more about these Flying penises...
  11. I liked the first RE and then....
  12. A reason to finally buy L4D2? No.
  13. "Awesome looks like an underwater lab. I love how there's no furniture whatsoever, and how the windows and ceiling are just a water texture. The ground and skybox outside are a really nice touch, especially since it's supposed to be underwater." Canneot Breeatthhe
  14. Only a one man team at the moment but the guy seems really experienced Linky
  15. Good News Dedicated severs are up but only though steam severs list (old news but it took me awhile to realize) Bad News You have to pay for new maps when the game shipped with like 8....