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  1. i feel alone everytime i try to play this game. i'm a veteran i started 3 years ago i think. where are the pro players? everytime i join a server and try to team with players the game always ends with me alone... they die by zombies so fast... they are noobs. I'M ALONE.
  2. please fix map nmo_vertigo everytime players go nmo_vertigo all servers crash
  3. what are the official maps of nmrih? please give me a list with all official maps. broadway brooklyn chinatown cabin camp blood cleopas favela flooded isolated junction lakeside midwest night of the living dead northway ransack silence toxteth zephyr did i miss some official maps? please tell me
  4. how to kick players without using call to vote? some servers dont have the option kick in call to vote but some players can ativate it, my is question how they do it?
  5. all servers must have a rule for last survivor, if a player is alone in a public server starts a clock of 5 minutes if he/she doesnt complet any objetive in this 5 minutes begins a new round.
  6. how to get Stabbity Style and Come Get Some steam achivement? i play nmrih since 2015 and never got this achivements
  7. this player cant go to the truck, the ladder dont let him. https://imgur.com/a/sbOA0
  8. but i dont like play alone
  9. what server you recommend for me? i want play servers classic, all maps, rtv, no infinite ammo(no cheats), spetate players can chat and use microphone with alive players, max players 8, ff off. maps: nmo_anxiety, nmo_boardwalk, nmo_boowalk, nmo_broadway, nmo_broadway2, nmo_brooklyn, nmo_cabin, nmo_chinatown, nmo_cleopas, nmo_condemned_1094, nmo_dead_labs, nmo_emergency_1101, nmo_fema, nmo_frostbite_b6_y9v19, nmo_genex, nmo_gmi_hunt_ep3_v2, nmo_hard_time_0802, nmo_harvest_test, nmo_hellgate_r2, nmo_juntion, nmo_lakeside, nmo_miner_detour_v3, nmo_quarantine, nmo_ravenholm_v2, nmo_shelter, nmo_stairwell_test, nmo_subside_v5, nmo_suzhou, nmo_toxteth, nmo_toxtethdark, nmo_underground, nmo_verruckt_2704, nmo_vertigo, nmo_zephyr, nms_arpley, nms_assault, nms_camilla, nms_campblood, nms_compound_v2, nms_darkforest_v1_1, nms_evildeathcabin_v11, nms_fadinglight_v4f, nms_favela, nms_flooded, nms_foxstreet, nms_grave_encounters_b1, nms_guns_store_b7, nms_gymnasium_v1, nms_hershels_farm_v2, nms_highway, nms_isolatred, nms_mallofdecay, nms_mayantemple, nms_midwest, nms_nightmallz_v2_3, nms_northway, nms_notld, nms_operation_halloween, nms_outpost_v4, nms_ransack, nms_silence, nms_the_last_defense_v1_3, nms_townsquare_v2, nms_trainstation_v3, nms_wallofhelm_v1_y9v1, nms_wd_prison_v7, pvp_poolday_v2.
  10. i suggest levels to nmrih and/or nmrih2 like the online friday 13. i suggest this because some players call me noob but they dont know my pro skills.
  11. i tried to add server "??? (notsa lotsa downloadin)" to black list but something doesnt let me do it. i tried with other servers and black list worked. so its only this server. please fix. image imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/zQW5L
  12. how to create a online server?
  13. fixed? it happened tuesday
  14. https://imgur.com/a/QKvxj
  15. i finished a map, then when a new map is loading, it froze. stuck in loading 0% i waited 5 minutes then rejoined server. when i rejoin other players were already playing in new map. again the message: There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance. why it fail? here is the image: https://imgur.com/a/PxN4c