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  1. I was asking the creator of the QOL mod about some potential behavior, and he suggested that I post these as suggestions here. Apologies if some of this functionality already exists. Without further ado: Give servers an option for complete no-block instead of the current "soft" no-block. There might be an agnostic sourcemod that can do this already; I haven't tried the ones that claim to work for all games. Give servers a cvar/option to allow late joiners to spawn (and possibly a timer to control it). I have joined many matches where I missed the round start or respawn point by 5 seconds, and I would like to give players an option that will spawn them within some time limit of a respawn event if they connect two seconds too slowly. Give servers an option to disable friendly fire on infected teammates. With suicide as an option now, I usually only see infected players get killed before turning to a zombie if teammates are simply trying to be as mean as possible. It is especially pointless when players might actually find gene therapy and become un-infected. If a player is grabbed and shoves in a way that would hit the zombie grabbing the player, then make SURE that the shove hits that zombie. And potentially provide a configurable grab cooldown such that the player cannot be re-grabbed by another zombie immediately. This issue comes into play when a group of running zombies (all of which get,no-block for some reason) approaches a player and one manages to grab. It can literally be impossible to escape because the grabbing zombie has 2 other zombies clipping thru it and cannot be shoved away (shoves prioritize one of the other two zombies), so the player is automatically killed. Thanks for your consideration.