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  1. If you arabian call me please

    :D #jordanian

  2. Hey Let's talk about problems and things you should fix it before i begin i love this game and programmers and i'm sorry for bad english ... let's go Ok let's begin with main Every shooter game has Main For health and Ammo Guys even half life has its own main [/img] BUT , Nmrih make you guess your health and the ammo you will die while you are trying to see it Problem (2) Well its not problem but this matter should be better Switch to other weaopns is traditional and has 1 method to i suggest add another switch method PROBLEM (3) is Hand Yup hand you can't swtich to hand easily And i suggest to add graphics for tree and weather and make it more brightness PrObLeM (4) when you added VAC i got problems casue i'm pen tester and have some tools in my device and i don't use it and its something like portable terminal and procces hacker and injector i programmed it , Not for Nmrih for another things and finally problem (5) ammo is not enough ... And thank's for read all this with my bad english \n Good Luck.
  3. nice Map but i want to change speed the game exampel when kill zombie you need a time and Runs zombie i hate him Just and i loooooooooooooove this game
  4. beutifullllllllllllll i learn english langugue
  5. Progress to a team does not have other rooms in hell Hello my name is Saleh I am 13 years old I am a programmer. I am a programmer. I may be the youngest programmer I am also a designer Yes I design I also have experience in information security In short Hacker is a programmer and designer But I love good, I mean helping the victims of bullying, etc. This is not my object I do not go to other rooms in hell to the team of programming and detect gaps and design images and characters and cities within the game Languages that have mastered Arabic And 70% English The programming languages that I have mastered HTML js php Perl css python I will be honest with you I injected inside the game something that helps the player in the zombie killing is a dll file