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  1. [WiP] nmo_decay A group of test participants taking part in a classified project known as LIMB which aims to develop human-robot connection system. As a side product, neuro-interface is developed so that a chip computer can form a GUI in a person's perception and interact with I/O from his/her brain. After the testing phase goes wrong the participants tries to find a way out after the whole place melts down. In order to survive they will need to fight the infected staff and scientists along with the infection thats growing inside them. -full details coming soon- GameBanana : https://gamebanana.com/wips/48862 We're having a hard time finding playtesters and players who can provide feedback. if that is something you would be interested in then add us on steam lazrdisc | Merz Screenshots
  2. Hello, For some reason my packer wont add those VMT/VTF files into BSP, i will see if i can get it to work in V5.0 which i dont plan on doing for a month or so as i wanna take my focus off this map and spend some time working on next map. I believe most of issues have been patched in V4.0 "hopefully" as i only have couple of friends finding bugs, but i will surely consider finding a fix for loading screen when i decide to tackle next set of issues in V5.0.
  3. fixed, not sure why it got deleted
  4. Thanks!, yeah over the course of month i plan on adding more content,
  5. thanks buddy! and i see, i couldnt do much about the straight areas because i had to go off the textures from corner pieces so that they look roughly aligned
  6. V3.0 -Fixed a bug breaking the lever obj -patched glitch spots & more optimization -increased runner chance around the map V2.0 - HDR compile + CC with fog - Reduced entdata and number of entities active at one time - Fixed Clipping in several spots and added more barricades - Fixed Lighting style errors and bad shadows - Removed ~50 unnecessary decals - Better optimization and stable fps around the map
  7. Nmo_facility [beta 5.0] Survivors start in an small underground bunker and are foced to flee as the integrity of bunker gets compromised. Navigate the water treatment facility which has been swarmed by walkers and plot a scheme for the survival of your group and yourself. Map also features a bonus objective which requires you to collect 10 hula dolls randomly scattered around the map V5.0 Latest DL : https://gamebanana.com/maps/198341 Map Scale : Large (15-20 mins) Diffculty : medium Lighting, CC + HDR - [Merz] Further Optimization - [Atheist] Testing - [Sam] HDR Screenshots