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  1. Actually nevermind, the problem was the directurl, it was in the map folder instead of the game folder. I don't need any more help. By the way, thanks Grey83 for giving me some suggestions.
  2. Alright I seem to have it working for the 1st test map now atleast. I also decided to included the compressed downloadlist and graph files for the map (.ain) & (.ist) I also change the directurl in the cfg to just "http://scr90b12.x10host.com/cgi-bin/nmrih/" I excluded the map part. Which part do you think fixed it? this time it took about 20 seconds to download the map, and it worked perfect on my game without the map installed. Got another working by simply adding the 3 core files, I guess the directory was the problem. Hopefully I can install the rest of the maps without problem.
  3. I did it Exactly like that. The files are .bz2, and the directurl is a direct link to a html page to download them. links to photos below Pictures below: https://gyazo.com/7049180e001b9aea3aeeac4fcf2e4b66 Directurl ^^^ https://gyazo.com/41009de4c87447b21b623ee73cc04f5b Map files, The above ^^^ photo, they were compressed with 7zip into .bz2 folders. It says so on my host. https://gyazo.com/eb01a22c0c9f9b936385e771926db211 7-Zip settings, when I compress them ^^^
  4. Yes. I'm not that experienced with this type of stuff. What I meant was the .bsp file along with the .nav and .nmo files. I wasn't sure if I had to include those for download also. I assume I did.
  5. I've got my own dedicated server up and running, it's smooth and works 100% good so far. I have sourcemod installed and everything else I need. But I want to host and play custom NMRIH maps on my server. I've got a 3rd party redirect link, I uploaded the files straight to the host from their website (x10 hosting) I don't know if that may be a problem. I've followed about 10+ tutorials and can't seem to get it right. I compress the map files, put them in my host, and then put the direct url into the server.cfg. And to to test it as if someone new was joining, I join and it downloads all 3 parts of the map really quickly then it disconnects me and gives me the Map Missing error. I would really appreciate any help with getting my custom maps working. I've tried all types of different things and fixes for hours and am just tired of it. I just really need some expert advice. Any help at all is extremely appreciated. Thanks.