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  1. Hello, I am Tomas Grinevičius, 21 years. I live in Lithuania at Vilnius city. Currently I am studying at General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy Training For Junior Officers (Reserve Lieutenant) (2nd course) and at Vilnius College Electronics and Informatics Faculty Information Systems (3rd course). My mother language is Lithuanian, the second is English, the third is Russian. I have my own hosts and project www.uzas.lt which is created for Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, TeamSpeak 3, Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, San Andreas - Multi Player and other games players. I have a lot of experience in programming, scripting, hacking, testing, painting, optimization, protection, administrating, developing, management, advertising, mapping, automatics and other spheres. I can easily make Wordpress, IPBoard, responsive HTML, PHP with JavaScripts, SQL (databases) and other things included websites, SEO, ads. Honestly, I Lithuania I was in the past TOP#1 Counter-Strike 1.6 project who had the most players online at the same time, around 400 in my servers and around 600 in my forum. When I was 17 (18) years, I made around 20 000 litas (3,4528 litas = 1 euro) in 1 year from my UZAS project. If you would live in Lithuania where is the minimum salary now 380 euros per month, you would be shocked of the amount which I managed to earn being on that age. I'd like to apply for a developer or any other position. I have a lot of ideas which would improve this game. I believe I could be useful in the team and to let you know, I would be very active. You can google about my studies if you want to gain the better understanding of which subjects I am having and who I am about to become in the future. I'd like to tell you that in my MTA:SA game server I have made a lot of things which were never created by anyone else. The list is so large that it would took me a lot of time to explain every single detail made by my hands on .lua language. If you want to know what ideas for NMRiH game I have for now or something else, ask me and I'll share with it, I'll reply. I am waiting for the answer. Some of the things which I made in MTA:SA: New weapons (which was impossible but I managed to do it possible); Randomly moving zombies (animations) system; Fixed animals on the death and respawn (has also inventory with Raw Meat); Randomly moaning zombies (sounds) system; Speedometer system for vehicles; Abilities to flash (turn on/off) the lights, open/close/lock/unlock the doors; Abilities to wear or not the clothing items (hats, masks, helmets, vests, boots, pants, backpacks, etc...); Black/white Vision googles (similar to the Night Vision or Thermal Vision googles); Mags system based on bullets (inventory); Scopes system for each sniper; Unique crosshairs system for each type of the weapons; Random damage of the zombie and player; Fireworks system; Christmas system (map, sounds in area and other stuff); Realistic map (mapped world); Compass system; Human body indicators (livers, kidneys, heart, brains, lungs, etc.); A lot of new items and categories; A lot of new objects (vehicles, buildings and other structures...); Models of the objects like items...; Diary system with database; Register/Login/Logout.... systems with database; Handbrakes for vehicles system; Fireplace system; Tents, wire fences, bushes and other systems; Inventory system; Anti-cheat; Anti-stealth; Anti-ban; Anti-spam; Anti-lag; Breath system; Bugs fixer; Admin panel; Rhino, Hydra, Hunter system; Files protection (3 types) from thieves; First person system; Advanced graphics (HD, HQ, HUD); IPB; Stamina system; Real-life vehicles radio system; Realistic weather system. And a lot of other systems... The developers of the MTA:SA (DayZ included) have created firstly some of those listed things but still I have put my time and worked on it, it's unique in some ways. I just listed a few things in MTA:SA game. Feel free to contact with me via: E-mail: herokileris@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006970309174 Skype: herokileris