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  1. 66 seconds from red to green
  2. It feels like a sudden difficulty increase once you blow the wall off. And it has no ways to tell the door is key required, smash required or not a doorway. It's better to have some leaks on the wall if it had to be smash-off. Overall it's great and I have put it into my server. Just hope it will have bandage and pills at the corner on the way to escape.
  3. This is the side-effect of Gene Therapy. Blind for 30 seconds. I do agree on the current screen handling method, will mislead the most newbie players that the game was glitched. I believe a fading white screen will be much better, like the flashbang in CS:GO.
  4. Back to basic, random_spawner is designed to spawn weapons, tools, medical items and ammo. Its random pool can be limited by keywords like "firearm", "handgun", "item" and so on. If the level creator decided to use "any" keyword, which means he has no preferences on what should spawn there. If he does have preferences, then he should fill-in the preferred keywords instead of "any". If the situation was like what you guys said, saws only spawn by "any", I would say this was abnormal as saws are melee. Why a melee won't spawn with "melee"? Because they were rare melees? So how about Gene Therapy, it was designed to be a rare item too. I never tested these out yet, maybe I will test these later on. Assume saws only spawn with "any" and you don't want saws on your server, just hook the reset map event and remove any saws. Fill those random_spawner with "firearm", "melee", "explosive", "items", "ammo" with value 20. The sum is 100 and it should behave like "any" with saws excluded. If you want to modify levels without touching every random_spawner. You can insert/change the value of random_spawner_controller. Giving value 0 on both saws to this entity will simply reject random_spawner spawning the saws. UPDATED: Tested, Gene Therapy will spawn with keyword "item" but saws won't spawn with keyword "melee".
  5. All harddisk was checked and no bad sector at all. However I do found the harddisk that stores the NMRIH has a lower transfer rate and burst rate. I will try to move the game to another drive later on.
  6. I'm using the Intel Core i5-3210M and 8GB RAM. But I don't have this problem when playing Left 4 Dead 2, which has a similar game engine. Edit: I have checked my CPU and RAM usage is just around 15%-25% and 40%-50% while playing
  7. My game always got a few seconds freeze, it is not a FPS drop. The FPS is fine. The cursor will run out the window during the freeze.