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  1. Update released 5/02/2018 - Version 6: Important changes to secret corridors and more bugfixes, check the full changelog in the first post
  2. Thanks yomox, new massive update available for Khafre (Version 5) - Check out the changelog in the first post
  3. There is a strange visual bug relating walls that can be solved by restarting the game and joining server again (re-downloading BSP DOES NOT fix it), i dont know what causes this weird problem but only happens in rare occasions, BSP works fine so this has to be something related to source engine and low quality in settings
  4. NMO_Khafre - Version 2: Update due to a critical bug concerning artifact objectives, see full changelog at first post.
  5. Khafre Pyramid - Objectives / Heist Mission Story: The ancient egyptian pyramid of Khafre is considered one of the biggest monuments in Earth. This huge building of 136 meters tall was the main target of not only archeologists but burglars that tried to explore every single room in search of valuable objects to steal. It may sound like a place tourists would visit but still to this date no one could come back with life from this giant pyramid, since traps are fully functional and undead guards are waiting for new victims to tear apart. Download & Screenshots: https://gamebanana.com/maps/198376 Features: - Hard difficulty - Giant pyramid - Wide variety of rooms, corridors and hallways - Plenty of items & weapons from previous explorers who died inside - Different types of puzzles & traps - Dark areas and secret rooms to explore - Soundscape and special lighting - Custom loading screen - Optional objectives - Boss battle Version 6 - 5/02/2018 - Added more secret corridors - Added missing player clips - Added missing fire sound - Added small details to first puzzle - Added breakable rocks in first parkour - Removed one ending rock trap - Changed entrance lock - Changed light configuration in first parkour - Fixed ball clip issue in first puzzle - Fixed minor entrance visual bug - Fixed tombstone guard bug - Fixed starting door bug * Map created by Ulreth * Testing servers: EscuadrĂ³n Batata ARG X / Z Porkchops dedicated server Private servers Special thanks to their players: Holy Crap Mr.Cat Ruso Wabein Billionlioe Porkchops4lunch
  6. Version 10 - 19/12/2017 - Final part difficulty slightly increased - Added some explosives gas cans - Fixed zombies passing through closed doors bug - Fixed unlockable door bug - Added some space at rooftop door - Improved AI behaviour in some corners - Modified wall traps - Changed appearance of some lights - Fixed minor bugs and details
  7. Thanks for the opportunity Wazanator, here is the form for my custom map: Map name: Vertigo Type: Objective (NMO) Author: Ulreth Description / Features: - Hard difficulty - Large and tall building - Only 1 respawn after round start - Logical objectives - Broken areas that need parkour basic skills - Lighting effects - Different types of rooms, hallways, ladders, sewers and more. - Dark areas and secret rooms to explore - Useful items and weapons available - Ending scene including a rescue chopper Backstory: We all think that big skyscrapers are secure and have everything necessary to survive a zombie apocalypse. The problem is that this huge building is now surrounded by dead hordes aproaching to your location, so you will have to carefully rise to the top of it in order to be rescued if you want to live. Be careful, watch your steps as you can fall to death in this old skyscraper, sounds simple but it is not. Can you escape from this vertigo nightmare? Custom assets: None Official thread: https://forums.nomoreroominhell.com/index.php?/topic/12794-new-nmo_vertigo/ Screenshots: https://gamebanana.com/maps/196539 Download: https://gamebanana.com/maps/196539 Beta testers: Holy Crap Dani Fantasma FeRcHaLa Gizmo Juan Mr.Cat Ruso Wabein Xnauta Note: The map name "Vertigo" is due to the old counter-strike map based in a skyscraper where you could fall to death, but the design and esthetic of this building is totally different from that map.
  8. Liandri Mining Corporation - PvP Deathmatch Zombie hunters from all over the world have discovered a new way to earn some cash fighting each other. This huge facility has all you need to finish your opponent in the deadliest way possible and only those who are crazy enough to compete in this deathmatch will have the chance to reach true glory. Do you have what it takes to step inside this arena and win the PvP tournament? Download & Screenshots: https://gamebanana.com/maps/197234 Features: - Close quarters combat - Open space zones - Dark areas to surprise enemies - Different types of firearms & mele weapons - Health crates and defensive barriers - Weapon dispensers - Traps in specific locations - Periodic spawn of special items - Respawn activated after 5 seconds Version 1 - 30/09/2017 * Map created by Ulreth *
  9. Version 9 - 22/9/2017 - Added breakable rocks after parkour - Added voice alert in fence destruction - Changed player triggers to fix zombie respawn system - Fixed explosion damage for zombies - Fixed collisions with small props - Fixed oversized decals - Fixed floating props
  10. Massive update released today for this map, check out the changelog for more details: Version 8 - 16/9/2017 - Changed zombie respawn system, blocks "surprise zombie" - Changed some light colors and positions - Added special effects - Added few missing cubemaps - Added more decoration and props in general - Fixed shamblers spawn at rooftop - Fixed critical door bug after parkour - Fixed parkour clips for npcs - Fixed keypad bug - Fixed elevator major bug - Fixed ending scene - Fixed minor zombie stuck bugs - Fixed some prop static bugs
  11. Have you tried playing it offline alone? Then online but without heavy plugins like prop spawners, models, etc? This common issue is due to maximum amount of active entities that engine supports, like prop physics, weapons, players, npcs, and all that, however this is the first time that actually appears to be critical, i've checked other servers and they are working fine with this map even with heavy plugins, so it is not clear for me in this particular case.
  12. Since some things were not fixed in previous versions, i had to make another update for this map: Version 7 - 2/9/2017 - Added an alternative way to enter first sewers - Added water at sewers - Added some missing clips - Added decorative woods at parkour area - Fixed open doors - Fixed sewers gameplay - Fixed parkour door exploit - Fixed propane tank bug - Fixed minor texture bug - Fixed unreachable spots for zombies - Fixed random weapon spawners - Fixed skybox buildings - Fixed minor collision bugs
  13. I made important changes to the map, check the download link at the description. Version 6 - 26/8/2017 - Added a complete parkour part - Added locked sound in first switch - Added few items at starting storage - Added some missing props - Updated description for first objective - Decreased amount of zombies in first sewer - Fixed starting tunnel hole - Fixed rooftop buildings - Fixed propane tank explosion - Fixed few spawn locations for zombies - Fixed minor bugs and clip issues
  14. Big update for nmo_vertigo, check the download link at the beginning of the thread. Version 5 - 19/08/2017 - Extended first objective with more areas to explore - Added intro story - Added more items while playing first mission - Added some buildings near the rooftop - Added clip in all the stairs for both players and zombies - Added more details to starting zone - Added a couple of small barricades in some windows - Updated random codes - Fixed minor bugs Edit: understand that because of the narrow and small geometry of this map (for corridors and hallways) it is NOT possible to have classic zombie spawns, it is a hammer restriction
  15. New update nmo_vertigo_v4 available, check the changelog for more info