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  1. Did this and used VLC Media Player. Found the song! Thanks man!
  2. I mean the song that plays AFTER the conductor says the reference, not the conductor saying it himself. And yes, the track is towards the end of the map.
  3. There's songs I can't find. Like the Midwest track right after the conductor says "They're coming to gets up Barbara!" Was that a fan track or just an obscure one?
  4. I have a question, where can I listen to the music for this level? I haven't seen it on the OST or on ThoughT's bandcamp site.
  5. The Beast could be unzombified and The Puma NPC could be either a Human NPC or a playable character (However, since you guys have previously stated that Character Customization will be added...these characters could all become obsolete.)
  6. It's not that bad. It's just with certain textures, like in Broadway at the beginning. Ground and window textures were missing. Also, whenever I use Full Bloom, it kind of lags the game.
  7. I'm not sure what it is, but I have quite a few missing textures, I have all the textures from Half-Life 2 installed. I've seen very few other people post about it, I've even seen footage where the textures for most people are there and the game looks normal. What should I do to fix this?
  8. First off you could maybe some of the concept characters that were never used in NMRIH 1, they could be DLC or unlockable, or whatever you're doing with the character customization:
  9. Never mind! Fixed both of these issues!
  10. There's more proof, the 1st picture shows that the highlight on guns are missing. The 2nd picture shows the Texture Glitch I mentioned before a little closely. (I use Windows 10 btw)
  11. I'm having something similar. I already had to fix a crash glitch where every time I tried to connect the game would crash (thank god I fixed that). However, I have another problem now. First off, the red that's supposed to be in the HUD is missing, second, notice how the zombie looks brighter than normal. What exactly should I do to fix this?