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  1. Thanks Demo! I'm Hungarian, so I don't know the United States well. So..Thanks!
  2. When I saw the record of the nuclear blast...That is reminds me the game called "Road of the Dead"!
  3. I was just wondering: Is the in-game Union City is the same as the Union City from the "Last Stand" series? Because the "backstory" when the game loads seems pretty the same. Thank you for the answer! Sincerely: -Dr.Harp, Admin of CSEC
  4. Greetings to everyone! I have recently played this game, and got really interested about the fact, how is the virus travels/works. I was listened the National Guard radio file at ModDB, and saw the graffitis all around the maps saying that the water caused the pandemic. I made a little research about how fast would a waterborne virus travels in the NMRiH Universe, how fast is infecting it's host, and how lethal, I set up the following time table: #1-5 days: The virus spread in the water lines and gets into the households. #5-9 days: Mass infection appears in both the major cities, and the low populated areas. Infected persons are hospitalized, local authorities and emergency personnel are send to avoid mass hysteria. #9-12 days: The hospitals and some of the cities such as New York gets heavily infested. The National Guard are called in to control the situation. The CDC are starts to research the virus in order to find it's origin and develop a vaccine. They finds out that the water lines are not safe. #12-20 days: The Army sets up checkpoints and medical centers all over the infested areas with the help of the CDC to maintain control over the situation. They close the water lines and starts to provide bottled waters in order to slow the infection down. #20-23 days: As more and more peapole get bitten and infected, and the authorities can't do anything about the situation, the White House declares a State of Emergency and tries to quarantine the most infected cities. The emergency services are shut down and mass panic starts. Looting and homicide actions also cause lot of civilian loss. #23-27 days: The Army starts to use lethal force to maintain the quarantine closed, but they slowly get overwhelmed by both of the infected and the raging civilians. The CDC is gonna run out of funds and supplies and almost all hope of making the cure is fades away as the time goes by. #27-31 days: The army is failing to maintain the quarantine. As they are losing their peapole, they are slowly falls apart. Lot of soldier choice to abandon his/her post and do HAVOC. Also, the President and the Cabinet has been evacuated to a safe and secure location. #31-... days: The Army and the CDC collapses, leaving the last survivors to struggle on their own. The electricity goes off, major nuclear detonations happen by the abandoned and not maintained Nuclear Power Plants. If the virus is don't spread over from the mainland, the other countries such as the UK loose contact with the U.S. The mainland is (not sure, but probably) gonna be a target to numerous nuclear attack in a desperate attempt to wipe the plaque out. And this is just a non-calculated fast version time table, I forgot to mention the TV lines, travels by ships and planes, and of course how is the social life fades away without the Internet and phone lines. If you have questions or suggestions, just write it down! Have a safe and nice day!
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