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  1. Thank you, so is yours!
  2. Hi, my name is Miguel Nogueira. I am applying to be a concept designer / artist. I have graduated recently (June 2016) from a college of art and design in Portugal, which is my country of residence. I'm running on GMT timezone, same as London. I've recently turned 27 years young. What can I do/have done before: I've been doing graphic design for a while, but after I worked as illustrator for some indie titles, mostly on loading screen art, this is where I found a liking towards concept design, taught myself the fundamentals and built myself a portfolio in reverence to the kind of art I like. A part of it was infected designs, which I think they may be able to showcase some skills that may be of use to you. If you'd like to see some more stuff, here is my portfolio www.miguel-nogueira.com Contact: miguel.nogueira2k@gmail.com Thanks for considering my application! I'd just like to finish by saying I really admire what you're doing, I have a massive respect for Kynde, Kyle Clark, 'Sick Joe' and other people that work/have worked in the collective, and would be awesome if we could collaborate together one day. (I had sent an email a couple days ago with this application, but I think gmail is telling me it failed, so I came to post here, not sure if it was on my end or your domain's, but just want to let you know of that, there may be something going)