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  1. What is your first name or screenname? Frano35 What is your Timezone/General Location? GMT+01:00 Sarajevo, Skopje, Warsaw, Zagreb URL to Steamcommunity Profile (Link to your steam profile) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Frano35 Do you have prior Alpha/Beta Testing Experiences? (Not needed but feel free to brag) Nah What are your computers specs? (ram, processor, graphics card, operating system, etc.) CPU C2D E8500 @ 3.16GHz RAM 4GB DDR2 GPU Radeon 6670 1GB GDDR5 HDD 80GB OS Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 x64 Have something else you wish to voice? (Optional) To have voice and game language for Croatian? if possible
  2. That should do the trick, wish u luck
  3. Hm, probably Hard Disk? But I don't know what else could be. Btw they run on same engine but diffrent branch of development so there are small difrences in game engine, if I explained it right. Check Hard Disk and report
  4. I had same problem in Team Fortress 2 and its happening because you run out of RAM or CPU is maxed out at that moment. I belive this 2 are only problem, what CPU you have and how many GB of RAM?
  5. zombie

    When you will realase the mod? And will it work for servers?
  6. Hello all, I have a request for porting weapon model to NMRIH M4 and Mac11 Those files are extracted from game Payday The Heist and game engine is Diesel. So if someone can try and port them it would be great, and here is link for them: https://www.mediafire.com/?rrxsfvm83wkyk64 There was separatex Texture folder so take a look there Thanks in advance
  7. How to get those CZK skins
  8. Hello, just would like to post here some bugs that apear in game: -No grenade or TNT explosion sound -Crawler stand up when attacking barrier(imposible to hit them when they stand up) -Can't crouch when crawler grabs player(imposible to kill if you get grabed) -Invisible zombies rarely apearing -Shoving/bashing in 3rd person same for all weapons -Reloading in 3rd person same for few guns ie: SKS and Saco -Player models(3rd person view) holding most of guns in same position ie: bow, m16 with grip -Zombies attacking non barrier places -First person arms appear when spectating -Buggy bash/shove animation when spectating -Some pieces of map glowing bright even when no light ie: table on nms_notld and others -Not showing animation for baricading windows/doors if fast click on second after first barrier is finished -Blood on floor flashing(apearing and disapiering) -God place on nms_arpley(see screenshot) -God spot inside supply drop(zombies freeze when aproach box and player is in middle of drop) -Player skins appear standing still after being killed(rarely) - Please check screenshots if I didnt explaing it correctly, and uploading screenshots in zip file because can't upload them all as attachments. https://www.mediafire.com/?7snto0hzfdxswh9
  9. Delete config.cfg filem and dont use dxlevel 80 because it breaks some graphical things like red dot on m16 and others(can't name them)
  10. Will not work, any other ideas?
  11. Hello people I need some help, I downloaded server files for dedicated server for loacl gaming and have problems installing source mod, I downloaded sourcemod and metamod generated with folder nmrih, but dont know where to place them, in addons and custom folder it wont work, so any suggestion?
  12. From here https://www.sourcemod.net/plugins.php?cat=0&mod=24&title=nmrih&author=&description=&search=1 I got these plugins: autojoin, health vampirism and empty map rotator -EDIT- Made it work, didnt see sm plugins list command -EDIT- Sorry for stupid posts but how can i remove this screen after joining game? server side if possible https://www.mediafire.com/?hkw21ierdjcqann And where can I find server.cfg with some commands explained for better gameplay and performances?
  13. I tried installing and after writing "meta list" i get this ] meta list Listing 1 plugin: [01] <ERROR> ] metamod_version "metamod_version" = "1.10.7-devV" ( def. "1.10.7-dev" ) notify singleplayer - Metamod:Source Version I have added 3 plugins but they are not recognized -EDIT- I put sourcemod and metamod files in one subfolder and complicated installation but once i realized that and fixed it i get this error: ] meta list Listing 3 plugins: [01] <ERROR> [02] SourceMod ( by AlliedModders LLC [03] SDK Tools ( by AlliedModders LLC
  14. How to spawn them in hammer and make them apear on map? and sry on waking thread
  15. Is this idea still alive? Anyone working on it? Maybe devs of game or some modders?
  16. I just tested and can report that server using Intel Celeron @ 2.4ghz and 768MB DDR2 ram works good for 1 player(me).I managed to get to wave 4 because i couldnt play anymore and probably will work for 3ppl max.Il see soon if motherboard supports my E2140 @1.6ghz and will try to overclock it
  17. Links are dead could you pls reupload?
  18. Port M4A1 for M16?