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  1. nms_campblood is entirely based on the Friday the 13th movies. Yet, it doesn't have an enemy based on the main villain of Friday the 13th. That seems a little weird to me. I agree that it would not work well if a Jason Voorhees zombie appeared in every level, but it makes perfect sense to feature a Jason zombie in nms_campblood. Jason is after all, very zombie-like in appearance, when he doesn't have his mask on.
  2. I think in an update or in the sequel to NMRiH, some maps should have zombies that are unique to the maps' themes. For instance, the “camp blood” map could have a zombie that looks like Jason Voorhees and the “operation halloween” map could have a zombie that resembles Michael Myers. These unique zombies should be tougher than the others. For example, A zombie that resembles Jason/Michael could be a runner that deals significant damage and has a larger than normal hp. This kind of zombie should only show up on occasion, such as spawning once per wave.
  3. I agree with Short Drop here. Not being able to carry 2 or more of the same item is unrealistic and makes item management more troublesome than necessary. You should be able to carry ANY item you have space for, duplicates or not. I understand some people may prefer the inventory mechanics to remain the same, due to hording, but there should at least be a server option to allow carrying 2+ of the same item. I have only played NMRiH with friends, so hording isn't an issue for me and the teams I play on. PS, I just started playing NMRiH a month ago and I must say it's amazing!