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  1. I used to not like servers with that function tbh, but in so many occasions i've seen a 6+ players server emptying out because people don't wanna beat it 2, 3, 4 times in a row and wait for the 1 hour rotation time that i think its necessary now. Not allowing expectators to start votes should prevent most of the trolling / impatient kids. A good alternative would be to automatically change map if the map is beaten. Reducing rotation time to 40 mins, or 35 mins could also improve activity on the servers I'm guessing you're not an admin tho so it probably won't be changed haha, but thanks for reply!
  2. Im not the admin of those servers, i posted here cause maybe i can reach someone who can do those changes, since they're official servers. Thanks tho!
  3. I've made a thread about this issue here about 1.5 years ago with no success So giving it another shot I love the Official servers Classic and Nightmare configs, but currently the map only changes after 1 hour no matter what, so if we beat the map in 20 minutes we'll have to wait another 40 mins for it to change and this is causing most people to leave the servers, keeping them empty most of the time! Currently we can only Set Next Map. Two changes would improve the servers greatly: 1 - Add Change Map voting function 2 - (Important) Disallow spectators to cast Change Map votes, as this could ruin the servers, some people who die might wanna exploit this. So if anyone here has admin on those servers, or can get in touch with someone who has, if you could help get those things implemented it would be awesome! Thanks!
  4. There is a series of servers titled Official NMRIH Server #1 - US Dallas Classic (#2, #3, #4, etc...) that i think are managed by the game developers / admins of this website, so i'm trying to reach them through this forum. Thanks!
  5. Another idea, don't know if thats possible: for objective maps, upon beating it twice (once or twitce should be fine), automatically switch to next rotation map. That would probably be better than allowing call vote to change map. Thanks.
  6. Hey guys, i've been playing on the official NRMIH dallas servers recently, love the servers but i'd like to suggest a couple settings changes if thats possible? Changes would be: allow players to call a vote to "change level" instantly, and not just "set next level" (currently we have to wait for the level time to run out so the map will change, which can get boring to have to beat a map 3, 4 times in a row sometimes). I do like the time you guys have for each map tho, like 1 hour or so allows to retry when we fail a large map like fema for example. And this will lead to the second setting change which would be disallow spectators to call votes (instant change map and kick player really), cause if you allow the instant map change voting, spectators could abuse it, also they can currently abuse it when just 1 or 2 people are alive they open vote kicks which is not optimal Also thats mostly for the Classic / Nightmare servers. Just those 2 changes would be great. Hope it can be done. Thanks a lot!