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  1. Hey! I was just wondering if there were any download links for the 1.07.9 release I'm interested in the old version of nmo_junction that's included there (I'm working on a server that features old versions of official maps) If anyone knows where to find this, that would be great. Thanks! Edit: Got it thanks to Mr. Halt
  2. I've been running a custom player vs. player server for two weeks now and I've noticed that hitboxes for survivors are really broken. And I mean REALLY broken. Shoots are not registering, players aiming downwards become basically immortal and the only way to kill them is by shooting at their feet. 100% reproducible example: Now I know the game isn't meant to be played this way, so I don't expect the hitboxes to be perfect. But a bit of fixing would be appreciated by people running custom gamemodes. Are there any plans for this?
  3. I achieve this by using Sandboxie.
  4. Oh I found it . if anyone's wondering, it's "me_fists"
  5. I'm coding a little kill feed script that goes like "if weapon fa_cz858 then print to chat <killed with CZ858>" I got all the weapons down but I'm missing the trigger for death by fists. Technically fists are not a weapon but I assume code-wise they work as one? How do I go about identifying them? Appreciate the help
  6. Hmm? Anyway never mind, I fixed it with a little script
  7. I remember long time ago there used to be some PVP servers where teamkills resulted in points being added to your score. I want to replicate this behaviour in my server. By default, NMRIH punishes you for killing a team mate (-10 points). Can this be changed through cvars somehow? I'm hoping a plugin isn't required because I'm terrible with those.. Thanks for the help
  8. That worked! ..sort of. Thanks a lot I placed the "make-player-use-X-weapon" trigger below each spawn to make players pick up a weapon right after spawning. However, this was causing players to remotely spam "use" on items for as long as they stayed on the trigger area, even when said items were already in their inventory So I placed a spawn in a non-reachable part of the map, put the "make-player-use-X-weapon" trigger below it (just like I did last time) but this time I added an extra teleport trigger below all that. Then with the help of this tutorial I made the teleport trigger send players to 8 random locations End result: When a player dies, he spawns outside the map, then he's forced to pick up a weapon and then he's randomly teleported to one of the 8 spawns. Uh, that was probably confusing to read ;-;
  9. Tried that but it doesn't seem to have any effect. It spawns players with a random melee weapon like it normally would. Unless there's a way to edit the list of weapons given to a player in casual mode?
  10. I'm working on a PVP map and I want players to spawn with a specific set of weapons already in their hands (SMG + medpack + nade). I'm using the game_player_equip entity and I have selected the correct weapons with the correct names. With smart edit turned off, it shows that players will spawn with one of these weapons each. But when I hop in game I spawn with no weapons. Are my settings wrong? I can see the weapon names show up in red but why? Is the entity not supported in NMRIH? If so, what are some alternatives/workarounds inside Hammer? I'm kinda new to mapping so any help would be appreciated!