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  1. > install map > 1st load > gets stuck in pyramid entrance due to huge |||| pillars after the sliding door > 2nd load > dies at the yellow artifact trap (kek) > 3rd load > stuck again at huge |||| pillars after sliding door in pyramid entrance > 4th load > game just closed, much zombies to load (more than 500) yup, there are issues that prevent this map from going onto me server.
  2. first of all, huge sorry for the necro. but most of the images are gone and I have no idea what to change in a couple of CS:S models to be ported onto nmrih.
  3. Hello everyone, i recently downloaded NMRiH, and as "newbie" i went into some servers that had neat mods, such as skins/hats/pets and all, of course i found no problem on playing at certain servers with and without !guns/infinite ammo. so i somewhat decided to build a server but i'm having issues finding plugins, i've already had some experience from AMXModX (cs1.6), thing is that many plugins don't seem to be "found" on alliedmodders, some that makes you explode after saying something (not sm_timebomb), and some plugins of pets that for sure were incredibly neat, unlike SourcePets. so i wonder, and ask where do people find that? they pay people to code and keep private? only alliedmodders seems to have some plugins but some don't work for NMRiH, only plugin i tried was Glow, and... incompatible. so another question is there IF the NMRiH folks could do a "main area" for plugins (or thread) where many plugins compatible with NMRiH would have their links avaliable, that way some dedicated server folks would build nice servers, i do posses some plugins that work on nmrih that had compatiblity, but some don't seem to work at all, i even tried to compile the store plugin but i got error telling me that the main store requirement was missing haha (noob on SrPnw). and some plugins i could not find, such as a updated version of store pets and plugins to cause explosion on players after saying something, i found a "workaround" with triggers but, problems as well.
  4. yay necropost. still cleopas on spawn servers get the spawnpoint broken after welding the alley gate. while many maps have specific spawnpoints that are either triggered once or every time some player goes there, many vanilla maps has the spawnpoints broken after a certain part.
  5. ahem.. i'd like to report a "memory leak" on gmi_ep3, the small event of the player screen "blackening" a little and playing a sound after a while increases RAM usage to a point of "hl2.exe has stopped working" i am not fully sure if that event has something to do with it but ep3 is the only nmrih map that ever causes crash on mah nmrih playsessions, along others as well it seems, because some servers do have ep3 on their maplist but not on the "automatic map list"....