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  1. Nope, not familiar with that map either. I'll check it out at some point though.
  2. yeah, i noticed that just after had finished, and was about to upload to here, thought about it for a while, but cba to redo everything.
  3. nms_medication is my most favourite map so far, currently holds a secret room (which is where the supply drop is - good luck finding it). Also has a random gun spawner ( the creepy room with the doll). A safezone that requires you to keep it intact or you'll lose the power to the lights. (They are regain-able). Overall this is my most fun map to make. I was considering using this map as a objective map, but i ended up just having fun with it. Won't be a while till i make an objective map, untill i get a good idea of one. (currently thinking something around an evil character - i.e the weird creature in this map). Maybe i'll go on something with that idea for an objective map, but for now... I'm going to make a ton of survival maps for fun. Stay tuned! ^-^ Anyway I hope you like! - Love feedback too! If anyone is going to use/modify/edit/use my map on a server, please MSG me, I would love to see the version, as well as the server. DOWNLOAD: http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/61IsEArn/file.html IMAGES:
  4. Just looked at the tutorials and stuff, this may take some time to get used to.
  5. Also while i'm here, how do you make messages pop-up on the screen? Like they do usually on the objective modes.
  6. I will have to look-up about it haha, not done my homework on how to do the objectives yet. But i sure will ;). I honestly dislike making realistic maps, but its what people like best, I'm not the best at making realistic maps, but meh. I might make a few unrealistic objective maps just to get a feel for it. Also thanks again!
  7. Okay, so for some reason when I posted my map 'nms_skyhigh' it had seemed to post twice, I don't know if i clicked 'submit topic' 2 times by accident or anything else. But i can't seem to remove one of the posts. Anyone able to help?
  8. Sky High is based on top of tall buildings in the middle of a cloudy fog. There are 3 points that you can selectively choose to defend. The map is very spacious and open. Plenty of running around and large mob-filled zones. It also has a ton of rain pouring down on you to add a cool surrounding. Hope you enjoy! ^-^ If anyone is going to edit/modify/add my map to a server, please contact or tell me first. (steam = Moofinz) I'd love to check out the server or the modified version of this map. DOWNLOAD: http://www99.zippyshare.com/v/ueIaR9J3/file.html IMAGES:
  9. lol, I have?:p there is a blue light under the building, few hints of orange for fires around the map. and a handful of white lights (lamps outside and gunshop lights). but thanks anyway
  10. thanks ^.^
  11. More images in 1 hour, just got imigur working...
  12. UPDATED!! - TEXTURES NOW WORK - First realistic (In my opinion) map that I made for nmrih. Every 2 waves you'll gain a supply drop, because of how packed it can get after wave 3/4. This is my second map for nmrih, i'd love feedback! If anyone is going to do anything with the map, edit/modify/improve-upon/place onto a server or anything like that, please tell me first. For the server, please msg your server IP. Would love to play with other players on this =D! Hope you enjoy! ^-^ (IF THE MAP DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU OR CAUSES YOU TO CRASH, DELETE nms_foxstreet.bsp + nms_foxstreet.nav from your files and redownload the map) DOWNLOAD: http://www23.zippyshare.com/v/BaK1V9fA/file.html IMAGES: http://i.imgur.com/LaQfbIE.jpg
  13. Thank you man, that's incredibly generous of you! I had a problem where the image file was to large for it to upload, I will try to use your method of doing it, thank you. Also the supply thing, yeah sorry. First map that i've made with nmrih. This was basically like a starter map haha. Also, while i'm here. How do I make ammo? I cannot find an entity of it or anything related to ammo. It seems not many people post maps lately, looks as if only once a month. Well I will try and make a load ^-^!
  14. Not sure how to do that, fairly new to this. Sorry, will do next map.
  15. This is a simple layout maze however, there is a twist. On the start of the game, the lights turn off. There is a secret button somewhere around the map that you must find in order to restore the lights. You will need the lights to handle the hordes of horror as well as knowing your way around. IMAGES OF THE MAP: - http://www108.zippyshare.com/v/uCBArlTz/file.html DOWNLOAD HERE: - http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/YqSThePB/file.html