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  1. Thanks for your reply, Yes I'm using custom folder & vpk, but before I packing them to vpk extension, I tested them in ordinary folder. I almost port every weapons & items in nmrih and work flawlessly, but, this custom model won't appeared, even I've removed them, the default models still messed up, they wont spawn in game
  2. Hello everyone, I've already made a couple of custom weapons for NMRIH, most of them are from another games and from custom contents in gamebanana. I'm just port & re-adjust them to fit in the game. Today I tried to made a grenade replacement, the model based on iPh*ne 5 After I compiled it, I opened HLMV to check for any error possibilites, but there was none, the V & W model work flawlessly. Then I opened the game, tried to spawn it via "give grenade" command but hey, nothing happened. There are no warn or something in the console. Then I removed those models from custom folder, including textures and sounds, and tried to gave it a shot. The grenade still won't to spawn in the game even all those custom contents already removed. I used 3ds max, crowbar, vtf edit and photoshop to make & port those models. Does anyone know how to fix this? I already did a verify integrity check on steam but no success, "that" thing still won't appear in front of my face https://postimg.org/image/4qalxjso1/'> https://postimg.org/image/hiypxh49t/'> https://postimg.org/image/e0mq133dt/'> Any comments would be appreciated sorry for my poor english