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  1. Did some more artwork. Gotta use a Google Drive link coz I can't upload more than 112 kb they say. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6GWXdozytxBX19YeW53UE96NEk [UPDATED]
  2. No I mean like the spectator mode. The mode the devs use to post screenshots and videos. Thanks anyway
  3. The title says it all. I'm trying to create some wallpapers for NMRiH. Unfortunately, I don't know how to spectate. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. You are not speaking in an age-appropriate language.
  5. Nah, I'm more interested in the afterlife.
  6. I'm gonna take this as a joke thread, if no one minds
  7. I tried to make some stuff from screenshots. Not sure you're gonna like 'em, though.
  8. Carried a Gene Therapy once to the evacuation in nms_favela. Was infected, but didn't use it.
  9. ok
  10. amen
  11. Hey guys. I can't find the evacuation points of nms_notld and nms_flooded. I see the truck and the chopper coming (in their respective maps), but don't know where they are. Screenshots would be very helpful, but not essential for me to understand. Thank you.
  12. Thanks. Ended nms_flooded today with my friends
  13. I believe it is DARK
  14. Screenshots?
  15. No. Lighters don't make much light.
  16. Umm... I don't think I would be liking the idea of a Jason/MM zombie, but it can be like this: * nmo_broadway may have an average mix *nmo_brooklyn - average mix *nmo_fema - higher rate of NGs, shirt zombies *nms_favela - more of the homeless-looking bald zombies *nms_campblood - not sure, maybe shirts? *nmo_chinatown - Chinese-looking zombies, maybe? (No offence) ... ... Like this.
  17. I love you Nay0r. Broadway2 is awesome.
  18. uh, I can't get into the samco store via the ladder, is that a bug?
  19. Looks cool man. Looking forward to playing it.
  20. I don't know why the nail gun is a bad idea. I mean, if a zombie apocalypse happened, and I found a nail-gun, I'd probably take it with me and use it short range. You can make it take lots of space, make the ammo scarce and shorten the range; but still, I'd prefer it in the game.
  21. Hey there. I just read somewhere that runners can move fast because of their lack of rigor mortis. So can you make it like, if a runner stays alive for, say, 10 real-life minutes, it willll turn into a shambler? Just suggesting. Thanks.
  22. You don't need Hamachi. Check your network connection. I don't use Hamachi.
  23. Yeah, it would be cool. +1