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  1. ;-; beleve meh <3 if its already working i wont be wasting my and your time here XD i even tried to reinstall the whole steam and deleted the steam folder. and also tried changing the steam_appid.txt and even making it 'read only' , and the same problem.. Disconnected: STEAM validation rejected
  2. didnt work
  3. does anyone have a single idea about how to fix "[NMRIH] Disconnected: STEAM validation rejected"
  4. i dont really care about people like you who are trying to make this post ignored+increasing their posts with bullying. i'm a developer and i'm pretty sure that i know many things than u do, and by saying "just give up" .. of course u'd say that because its not your problem, please dont reply on this or reply anymore to increase your posts/bully or make a long conversation and make people forget about helping me out with this problem because i never made a server on half life system. that's why i have 0% knowdlege of it , and that's also the reason of my registration here , just to solve this problem. don't make this conversation longer.. any further replies better for helping me out..
  5. Can't Join Any Of Lan Servers. And i wasn't able to join before..
  6. Nope! and i only want to play 1 map :-(
  7. I'm playing with the same PC that i made the server @ , How do i fix this problem ? ] sm plugins list [sM] Listing 19 plugins: 01 "Admin File Reader" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 02 "Admin Help" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 03 "Admin Menu" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 04 "Anti-Flood" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 05 "Basic Ban Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 06 "Basic Chat" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 07 "Basic Comm Control" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 08 "Basic Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 09 "Basic Info Triggers" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 10 "Basic Votes" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 11 "Client Preferences" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 12 "Fun Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 13 "Fun Votes" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 14 <Error> "Nextmap" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 15 "[NMRiH] Full Infinite Ammo" (1.3.9-20140911) by Leonardo 16 "Player Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 17 "Reserved Slots" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC 18 "Sound Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5301) by AlliedModders LLC Load Errors: Nextmap: Mapcycle Not Found
  8. Can you tell me now.. how to install plugins on my LAN server?
  9. btw server doesn't even show up on LAN section idk what's the problem it was working but now i can't see it anymore . i want to add Unlimited Ammo and Sourcemod!
  10. How do i install plugins on my LAN server