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  1. hehe I like the zombie public relations guy.
  2. Is interested in pies

  3. Little late I know, but hoping this gets in before they are recording. Question is: How are you doing recoil for the firearms being handled, are we going to see things like muzzle raise so we lose control of the weapon with repeating fire, or are you keeping it simple due to the fact that firearms will be scarce in the game. Other Question: In another update you said that if a zombie see's you, your fucked, however with the other senses the zombies have, is it possible that the zombies might be distracted by another cause, for example; zombie see's player A, zombie shambles after him, Player A has now moved out of sight, Player B now begins to make noise. Now will the zombie be distracted and move towards Player B or will it continue on towards Player A. Edit: Short version, are the zombies senses in a hierarchy so that one takes precedent over another Also any chance that we will see weapons; such as a Maxx's Strapon Cod Piece. Comes with two attack modes, hip grind wiggle wiggle and pelvic car deflecting thrust.
  4. Oh some gamers minds are easily impressed these days.
  5. I somehow managed to shag both Leliana and Morrigan, (one after the other) and neither was pissed off at me. Completed the game but might redo the human noble origin, messed up a fair few things but I might dabble in the Dalish elf origin for a bit first.
  6. Over here in Euro/UK land, the Demo has been released. in fact it was released 2 hours ago.
  7. If you want shicken you can download the character creation kit (aka the demo), and yes it has the standard slide bars for nose, ears, eyes etc although you can choose a number of predesigned faces if you want a quick jump in character.
  8. I really wasn't expecting this, very weapons nice indeed. Also the maps are getting better each time i see them, looking very fun to explore if not for the whole zombie threat thing.
  9. Or when the single player is only a glorified/extended tutorial.
  10. So we got another pre-rendered trailer which only serves to build up hype, showing us a lot of cool stuff I'll never be able to do or experience. So thanks valve for wasting many a time and effort on producing something which I'm going to watch once and ignore from that point after. The first L4D had the depth of a tea spoon, however L4D2 looks like it has been expanded to table spoon, what an improvement. As for the characters valve have done a copy and paste job, rich guy, hermit guy, big guy and cutie pie.
  11. Quick question about the nature of melee weapons, an age old question to be exact but are you going for the "each power attack, your character steps into the swing" or just the classic "half life, stand there until everything breaks" routine. Edit 1: My other question is the dealing with item (in all cases) spawning, how will this be dealt with, using an example L4D the items spawn in specific areas but are indeed random whether you get them, however the whole idea of exploring and finding it removed as now the game has become a process of elimination rather than chance or luck. I was wondering how are the team will be dealing with such problems to keep veteran players simply from going to the best/known spawn locations.
  12. Why does this remind me of the Black Knight from Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail.
  13. Holy crap that actually sounds darn tooting really, keep up the good work
  14. Awesome on getting closer to the closed beta, maybe i should actually make an application. Plus Oh Maxx you kinky devil of a man.
  15. Can't hold it......... for much longer....
  16. All military grade ammunition is basically FMJ though it varies somewhat in design between countries. That said, the advantage with an FMJ round regardless from weapon it is being fired from means it can potentially go through several targets (of course unless the target is armored), where as a hallow point breaks up inside the body. I really wouldn't mind a system like off aliens versus predator 2, like press x to change ammo type (or was that off planetside i forget). However this is really a novelty feature, though i will admit it will give handguns a much needed boost as those are always the first firearms to be made redundant.
  17. Wow that music is really good, and the maps are shaping up nicely. Good work
  18. Why don't you just load up the Itunes radio before playing the game.
  19. holy ball banging awesomeness.. that is good
  20. Considering this is a multiplayer game adding anything complex like a damage system off far cry 2 would be pointless. However since we are playing the guessing game i suppose when he said complex medical items it could be something like this; using a system similar to resident evils herb healing (only without the herbs) you could combine different medical items to heal different amounts of your health. Example: ::So bandages + stitches + antibiotics would heal say 40% (as an example) of your health where as bandages on there own would just heal 10%:: Morphine or pain killers could make people move normally despite critical injury however does not give any health or temporary health and will decay after a period of time (this acts like a stop gap measure so the person can find medical attention). Guessing now over. Again we don't know, so just expect standard house hold medical tins/boxes to heal you for now.
  21. I believe you are getting a tad too defensive when someone questions your ideas, there just ideas and very common ones at that. By adding a cure into mod you remove a core threat from the zombies, as these types are mainly based around Romero movies and from the book World War Z meaning there is no cure what so ever. I think it was said that there will be antibiotics which will delay the infection giving a person extra time but ultimately will die, but a teammate can shoot/kill a person who is infected preventing them from turning into a zombie.
  22. Turtle Rock was the original designer/developer however it was brought by Valve a while ago and it now named Valve South, making it part of the Valve company so more people could work on it more easily
  23. Interesting read there, like the way it is giving it a sense of plausibility to how such officials would act. Me likey very much so
  24. It is the question on how are they doing the zombie plague, can be treated with modern medical science (temporarily of course) or is the plague totally resistant to all known forms of treatment rendering all medical items useless once you got bitten. The last thing you want is a Resident evil - anti virus, *shudder*. Maybe, and i say maybe some forms of antibiotics may slow down the zombie virus. For my other suggestion: pain killers should give a boost to your stamina instead of giving "temporary health" and remove all visual health status ques.
  25. Sweet updates and always good to see a bit of pistol whipping action....