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  1. nmo_deception 0.3.1 update pictures and info added. By the way thank You yomox9.
  2. Demo I totally agree, this is just an early build. I plan to add details when the map is futher along in development. With the current layout of the base design everything is functioning. I have enough separation inside the castle. Also only a portion of the outside is accessible. By update 0.5 You should start to see more details and props. Currently I am more focused on trap layout, objectives, puzzles, multiple playthroughs, You know the technical stuff. Btw thank You for the screenshot Demo it might come in handy down the road for Me.
  3. blocking vis will come with updates. I'm trying to make it work via source and it seems to be functioning fine with the current test build. I will keep that in mind though thank You. farz clipping, Thats what its called eh. Thank You again chops. As for the nodraw. I have done it on this map since the start.
  4. The NMRIH Objective Map Deception I plan to have this map available to the public, possibly in the next few weeks. This map has puzzles, traps, and zombies. THIS MAP IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT. Screenshots and Information nmo_deception 0.3.1 - Weapon Spawn (Random Spawn Classes) - More Detail - Bug Fixes nmo_deception 0.2.9 - Updated Weapon Spawns - Minor Detail Update - Bug Fixes nmo_deception 0.2.1
  5. Thank You Stargate75, I am working on a new map currently (Click Here to see). No word on when it will be released yet. Also I am going to update throwback soon. I am aware of the back door hoarding zombies and blocking it from opening if You are in the backyard too long. That as well as small visual errors.
  6. Last night I was on porkchops server. I watched a group figure out how to get in the underground secret room. Two more secrets remain unknown. Happy hunting.
  7. Sorry for bringing this topic out of the grave. I will though as it is concerning news. I remember watching the video when it came out. I never received any confirmation that there was any patch for nmrih made? kind of forgot about this source exploit.
  8. This is great. I had a general idea on the stats, but seeing it all on one page.. It's so pretty. I really like what you did with you're graph too.
  9. I made this map because I wanted something for veteran players to get stuck on. I don't want to hold the player's hand though the map. Thank you for the feedback I can give you a hand with any questions you might come across, but I can't start development on another map. Not enough time in the day (or night) for me. Ahh you see the guns on the balcony do you . It's one of the 3 secrets in the map. BTW cheers to anyone who figures them out.
  10. I will try, but no promises.
  11. Bump
  12. This is my first project with source. The project currently has around 60-80hrs invested into it. Custom Textures by Ress Currently available on Porkchops Dedicated (!store) Server Now available on yomox9 Servers Now available on The ??? Server Manual Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/m8lmiy 1.0 Update Screenshots 0.9.7 Update Screenshots 0.9.3 Update Screenshots Alternate link to pictures: 0.9.3 http://imgur.com/a/zUdEh 0.9.7 http://imgur.com/a/y79Fq 1.0 http://imgur.com/a/csB7E
  13. I solved the issue by creating instant spawns throughout the level then nav_generate in game. Thank you for the reply Sir.
  14. Hello I've been making a nmo map from scratch with hammer over the past week and I've come across these zombie errors I can't find answers for. I would really like to complete this map as I am very close to doing so. First, The zombies won't re-spawn when killed. Even though I have the spawn regeneration rate at 1.0 - 2.0 depending on the spawn. (I know it takes 1-2min for respawn and players can't be in those areas for spawn to work. It still won't re-spawn any after the area is clear) Second, I'm getting the same error as this link even with spawn density on 10 via zombie_helper and Individual zombie_spawn: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12172 Any info might help.