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  1. Long time no see everyone! This update is gunna be quite a light one. After taking a pretty long break, I've come back and looked at the many reskins I've made so far. Theres alot of Chiki briki weapons I'd like to put into the game, However. Its getting the weapons I want in that share no similarities to the weapon I'd like to replace(Becuase, You know. I just put the model over the old and use the same animations as the original weapon.) I sat down and looked at my very chiki briki NMRiH arms/hands rig for the weapons and such. I had thought I could use this to make an IK(Inverse Kinematics; Kinda useless if you dont know alot about rigging stuff.) rig. Well, I noticed some issues. Too many bones from the original ValveBiped rig from CSGO that controlled the CSGO hands and such, Making it alot more difficult to work with. Then, I decided to make a new rig, Using CSGO's ValveBiped as the skeleton. Since everything I want is already rigged on the CSGO ValveBiped, It was only easier and quicker that I just stick with it. I merged the Tracksuit sleeves onto the arms making a perfect fit of Chiki and Briki, And everything seems to work nicely! However, I did add another rig for an alternative version. I've decided, That if I can get everything to work as planned, I'll do a Westernized Chiki Briki Edition. So, the plan is pretty simple. Replace the M16's with some nice AK's then for the Western version, Just use M16's. Pretty simple. I wont be redoing, or atleast alot of the melee weapons. The animations are good, and I dont think It'd be necessary to replace them with any new animations or needed custom animations. Anyways, I've bored you guys long enough, time for some Renders!! Well, Thats all I got, I would have put a weapon of some sort instead of thumbs up, but honestly. My mind has been a blank and finding a model I wanted to showcase this rig was quite a challenge. And of course I'd like to just say that the Western Spy bit originated from the Cheeki Breeki Master of the Zone, and Youtuber, Life of Boris. If you enjoy the content I present, then you'll definitely enjoy Life of Boris; https://www.youtube.com/user/NocturnoPlays Thanks for reading this update if you made this far, and double thanks for continuing to follow this thread.
  2. Progress has been halted a bit, but I hope to get back to making some more Cheeki Breeki models, and characters soon. I've also got to organize the content and make it more easy to access and free up some room as well. I'll see what I can do this week, and hopefully and finally get some more updates out.
  3. So, Heres another update everyone. to start this post off, I'll go ahead and ask the very serious question of; You know when your walking around in the zone. Throwing these rusty bolts everywhere. Why not eat them? Well. Now you can! Fight off the Infection with the power of Radioactive Chernobyl Bolts!(Do not try this at home, No one is this Chiki briki.) Other than throwing a couple of rusty radioactive bolts down your throat. Its been quite slow the past few days, Integrating the new hands, which do have some issue to them. mainly on the wrist area with some cliping. Anyways. Heres what they look on the currently reskinned weapons I have more, but Imgur is being crappy atm, but I'll do another post showing the molotov explosive, hammer and sickle on the new hands.
  4. Well, I got another update for you guys, With also a pretty cool new improvement to the hands. Cant wait to update the rest of the weapons with this. TT33 w/ New Improved Hands/Gloves: Big thanks to Valve for their amazing work on these Improved hands from CSGO.
  5. Once everything that I plan on replacing is finished.
  6. New Update. Heres the screenshots. Nation Gaurd/Army Zombie Replacement(Not final): Flashlight Sleeves added(Weight issues, Not final): Barricade Hammer Replacement(Best suited with Sickle): Machete Replacement(Best Suited with Hammer): Kitchen Knife(Looks alittle too small??): Grenade Replacement:
  7. Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to the community but not very new to modding this game. I've done quite a bit of unreleased, Weapon reskining, Adding various new guns to my No More Room in Hell experience. My latest, Big project Im taking on is Chiki Briki'ing(If thats a thing?) or rather Gopnikify my No More Room in Hell. I've started with some weapons and 3 playermodels. 2 of which have been completely redone. The other just replaces Badass's Old outfit with sexy Tracksuit.. Mmm.. Adidas.. My goal is to not only make a Gopnik Zombie Apocalypse but also a ridiculous Zombie Apocalypse. Later on you'll know what I mean. Anyways Im sure after reading all this text you probably want a reward like some screenshots. So I'll hold off for a bit and let you all have a look. {3DS Max Renders} {In game} [OTs-33 - M92fs Replacement] [bateman Replacement] [Molotov Replacement] [badass Replacement] [Fists Replacement] [Glock 80 - Glock17 Replacement] Sorry if the lighting is terrible, I still need to do the shaders and what not and fix a few issues. Also reskining more of the weapons and melee. I plan on covering the 4 major subjects; Playermodels Weapons(Including melee, and items.) Sounds(Weapons generally, but Voice volunteers are welcome to contribute!) Zombies(Who wouldnt want to see a couple of nicely dressed Zombie Gopniks and Policemen, as well as Russian Soldiers!) Hopefully this has been an interesting read and I appreciate your support! upon completion and release I will provide a full list of credits for that the original authors/creators deserve! More WiP Images will be uploaded as the progress of this Reskin pack moves along. Total Percentage(Estimated/Guessing really..): 10-25% Planned Reskins(Weapons for now.) Pistols: Glock17 - Glock 80 Bretta M92FS - OTs-33 M1911 - TT33 Tokarev(Much better. :3) SW686 - MR96(May change though, Doesnt look too good.) Ruger Mark III .22 - No change/Maybe become something ridiculous. Melee: Machete - Sickle Kitchen Knife - AKM/AK74 6x4 Bayonet SludgeHammer - ??? Chainsaw - ??? Saw - ??? Fireaxe - ??? Crowbar - ??? Fists - Fists ofcourse. :3 Shovel - ??? Baseball bat - ??? FUBAR - Hmm? ;3 Lead Piper - ??? Pipe Wrench - ??? E-Tool - ??? Tools: Welder - ??? Barricade hammer - Hammer. ._. Maglite - Maglite ofcourse, With some sleeves. :3 Lighter - Same thing above. Fire Extinguisher - ??? Flare Gun - ??? Explosives: Grenade - F1 Grenade Molotov - Vodka Molotov TNT - ??? I'll add more planned weapons/items list as the mod pack progresses. "A nu chiki briki iv damke" - A very wise man!