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  1. What you are claiming is simply way off from what I have wrote.
  2. Would't the goverment/army use nukes on zombies? In cities like new york? A lonely electron, With nothing to do, Pairs up with a neutron For a cocktail or two. Atomic kisses, survived by a few. They had a... nuclear blast. Said the electron to the neutron, "You sure can be dense. With this much attraction There's no civil defense. Let go of that energy, No need to be tense. Give me that... nuclear blast." Einstein said that space is elastic. Twist his theory, it comes out bombastic. A mushroom cloud, a sight fantastic. Stick your head between your legs, Kiss your ass goodbye. A happy electron, A neutron its mate. Don't give a damn about apocalyptic fate. They party 'till midnight, Then boom it's too late. It's a... nuclear blast.
  3. The church looks like a monastery so why not monastery.?
  4. Depends on server... With enough kills of zombies you get a spawn point.
  5. Maybe you didn't have enough space? IDK... If that isn't the case... Then delete the game, I mean its local content and re download.
  6. Are you sure? Did you check if it was running in background some application related? Maybe this works. Close steam and anything related to it. Check processes... Find steam, hl2 exe and what not related to source close it. then just to be safe restart the computer and try again. Just watch out... Don't close something critial to make your PC crash.
  7. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=9709-FKCB-4230 https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8043-EUJN-5239
  8. Crafting makes sense for survival gamemode while for objective not so much and it is a good idea and can be implemented if there is a will and caution to make the code/script more complicated for no good reason and it is sort of done already with having a pistol and a flashlight plus the framework is already there and is constantly being used in all games yet people love to complicate things rather than use logic.
  9. Guns you mentioned use 7mm USSR/Soviet. Its the uglies FN FAL I have ever seen in my life... The ironsights in NMRIH are simply unrealistic despite their aim for realism, its far from realistic, it isn't even actual aiming with ironsights! Its putting the gun in the middle on your neck than realistically putting your face close to the ironsights near the buttstock and if you want to make it work even at that you need a resolution of a human eye. Well hell... Who can afford a 4K screen, let alone a quality one with fast response time below 33ms without mentioning that dead center small radius is 4K while everything around that 1K. Ironsights need to be realistic for rifles... Maybe M4 sniper is realistic, but that's that... http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2007/09/03/308-winchester-vs-762x51-nato/ Use 308 on FAL and get your face butchered.
  10. Why is FN FAL .308? Not 7mm NATO?
  11. HS 2000 aka Springfield XD should be added since there are 2 million units sold/pistols/guns in USA alone in 10 years and is widely used by police departments and law enforcement agencies in USA. http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg/hr/im-metal-hs-2000-e.html
  12. You can know if the gun does not have ammo by looking at it... When the gun is empty in first person mode... Imagine that on the floor in real life. you would knew. Also by weight, you don't need to check the gun's magazine if its empty, weight is enough to judge in dire needs except if it has a bullet in the chamber and the magazine is empty.
  13. Yes, knife is useless as a melee weapon. hahaha No it would't... M16 magazines nor arrows in the box for bows don't cause confusion. Ammo for nails can be represented as simply nails stacked one another, a literal pile of nails. Edit: Will there be an automatic variant of Ruger 22 or will Ruger 22 be updated to automatic variant?
  14. Nail gun does not make a good weapon, but its better than nothing... Specially if you have a design that fires a nail at 427 meters per second.
  15. Why not being a weapon? In case of dire needs it can be used in act of desperation as an improvised short range weapon.