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  1. You've just made my day
  2. (Hope this is in the right section!) Whats your most daring moment of survival throughout your playtime in NMRiH? Whether its finding some Phalanx pills moments before turning, or beating your way through a crowd of undead with an empty gun, to something simple as holding off waves of undead while a teammate achieves an objective.
  3. I'm pointing out some tid-bits that could use a few tweaks, maybe some additions that could make it more fun. But from what I'm getting from what you're saying is you think the whole game is shit because it doesn't have these specific things. I think you expect the game to be able to, for whatever reason, compete with perhaps COD Zombies or DayZ, or even Left 4 Dead. There are limits to what can be done in source engine, and limits to what they can choose in order to keep the filesize and confusion down, not to mention I'm sure the devs want this game to be unique in itself from other zombie games. Bear in mind too that they likely have to make all of this virtually from scratch. I'm not going to argue with you though, so carry on, I guess.
  4. Yeah that always troubled me because .308 is seemingly the rarest ammo for me, that or if I do find it theres only a few rounds in the box. Its more efficient to unload the FAL and use the bullets in the Sako or the... damn forgot its name--- I nicknamed it The Screw cause of it's bolt--- the military sniper. Doesn't help that they took the sights from the worst production model of the FAL series either, its like looking through the eye of a sewing needle.
  5. You seem pretty experienced with nailguns. Care to share? So I take it you've not found a Super X3 yet? I find a nailgun to be pretty bulky, most nailguns I'm familiar with require propellant or an attached air compressor. You won't get 427 meters per second with a carpenter's springloaded nailgun, thats for sure. I'm not really equipped to say this but there'd also be the localization between identifying the uses of a hammer and a nailgun. Several people such as yourself might see the nailgun and grab it thinking they can use it as a gun, then ignoring the potential use as a barricade upgrade. Nevertheless if you really like nailgun physics try Killing floor, its got a heavily modified nailgun/shotgun ("Vlad the impaler") that has unrealistically-yet-satisfying ricocheting nails. Strangely enough its also one of the few weapons that have attached flashlights in that game. Oh, there's a thought. How about making a LAM variant (like the carryhandle variant for the m16a4) for the glock, give it some tactical significance compared to the other 9mm pistol besides enlarged night sights.
  6. Well, there's 22lr conversion kits for Makarovs. I just think the game needs at least one pocket pistol, I see more people owning them than full sized pistols where I live so there'd be an abundance of them during an apocalypse heres another crappy mockup
  7. I never was good at being complete with my thoughts in a single post, I don't get much practice communicating since I'm a total socialphobic recluse After this I'd like to drop my part of the discussion: Either someone to make it a "skin mod" or official game weapon; why I posted here. But thats not really a problem As for the mention of c_models, I figured as much but I always add a bit of what I know to show people (I often come off on forums as "that guy who goes on an on about something") I knew what I was talking about and not just spouting buzzwords like a 10 year old.... in some cases its a bad habit thats hard to break but... well... I think I'm just droning on again now. Thanks I'm not autistic but I did hit my head when I was little
  8. The video by a guy I saw several years ago is what introduced me to NMRIH (before it was on steam) It depicted a joke/experiment map some guy made and testing it, it had a moving cube thing (I guess a placeholder for some aztec themed puzzle or trap thing or something) with a face on it... it glitched and the face stone cube thing came shooting out of its socket, this was followed by a humorous pen sketch of the said faced-cube launching from the wall.... either saying "i'm free" or something like that but I'm not certain All I remember about the guy was his youtube avatar was some kind of blue-furred furry fox or wolf or something Its been bugging me for a while now that I remembered it, but can't find it. ---if it even still exists,
  9. Who said you needed new ammotypes? Makarovs shoot 9mm (probably different caliber 9mms but "9mm" nonetheless) and who's to say you can't substitute the SKS 7.62 ammunition for the garand; all in all, I'm basically trying to reach out to anyone who at the very least could make these "skins" or model replacements as mods --- seeing how unless you're a high-social-ranker on Gamebanana you can't expect anyone to so much as glance your direction. My reasoning for showing the masking thingies is to show how easily they could be simply placed on existing animations. Ever heard of c_models? Swap the gun model and compile it on default animations. I'd do it myself but I know jack about model exporting/creating/whathaveyou Regardless, I could care less anymore whether any changes are made to the game or not. That eagerness I had when I first posted kinda wore off.
  10. These aren't mods these are just models masked over the default animations in source filmmaker; they aren't compiled in any way. I'm suggesting these models.
  11. I started a thread or whatever on the modsite Gamebanana (formerly FPSbanana) a whileback http://gamebanana.com/concepts/167 I didn't get much out of it so on a whim I searched nmrih mods and found this thread site (who knew!) Heres some things I guess. I won't expect anything to be made but heres some stuff I was messing around with • M1 Garand, easily morphed over the SKS animations • Insurgency (the mod) Makarov and those are the only two that are substantial enough for me to mention beforehand. A feather in the cap to whoever considers these. I usually play NMRIH solo (I don't succeed very often accordingly but I still like to attempt)