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  1. Once everyone is on the yard to fight with the zombies and you push the button you can't jump across the chainlink fence any more. This creates a problem when you spawn outside the evac area and can't get back into the yard to fight.
  2. One helpful bit would be to add an additional spawn point in the starting building after you drop down a level as there's no way of climbing back to the starting room to respawn dead players until you've made it nearly to the end of that building.
  3. Is there something you're supposed to do after shooting the glowing purple lock off the ladder at the beginning? I appears to be stuck after that and can't get to the surface.
  4. Brooklyn has an elevator that goes up and down to the garage in the police station.
  5. The elevator is still broken. You cannot recall it once the first group gets to the surface and often people spawn back on the bottom which traps them below.
  6. A few more bugs that have been noted thus far for a9: - you can still easily get stuck moving the police car - it possible to throw the plug and the pliers out of the map very easily while making the elevator operational, this is particularly the case for the area behind the generator covered in rubble as well as the rubble surrounding the stairs closest to the elevator - you can still respawn downstairs when the elevator has already gone up which means there is no way for you to reach the surface unless i'm missing some alternative way up