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  1. It says fresh meat... well I aint a fresh meat or am I?! Oh well still I want a diffirent title name. So can I change it? Thanks for any answers guys!
  2. Thats cool okay? Cool...
  3. Innocent dead peoples really! Why not let them bury them in the cemetery so lord can bring them back to heaven!?
  4. Let the lords save us all!!!!!
  5. Day 1: An unidentified virus spreads into the town of Monrovia in the african country called Liberia. Day 2: A person contracted the disease and died within a week after catching the virus. He had symptoms of fear of waters,muscle pains, repeated vomitings and blindness. Day 3: Eight more people were infected with the disease when people started spreading the disease in Liberia. Day 4: The causes of people diying from an unkown cause was realized that a disease strucked the town of Monrovia. The WHO (World Health Organistation) sent out medical units and medicines to the Liberian town of Monrovia. Day 5: The death of a person in the Liberian town Monrovia, woke from a coma, he started attacking people in a agrressive way, he made growling noises and snarling noises... Liberian Polices came in a Monrovian building and searched for the man who attacked innocent people in this building. There were screaming noises of people in the building and a person who was bleeding in the arm came to the Liberian Polices and he died shortly after he followed the Liberian Polices behind them. He woke from his death in seconds and started attacking them. Day 6: Liberian Soldiers tried to secure the area and block off any civillians that try to go in. WHO units are trying to indentify this deadly, contagious and rabies like disease. Day 7: WHO named the virus 'Necro Voodiki' Necro for dead and Voodiki is for voodoo magic. Day 8: WHO chief says "This virus is deadly and it can make humans come back alive... well actually not alive but there still dead while walking on the soils of earth...." FOX news announced this on T.V and caused a big panic and shock around the world. Day 9: The Necro Voodiki virus has been found in another city in the country of Ghana in Africa. It caused 3 deaths in the area 3 came back from the dead. Day 10: To be continued... Give me some feedbacks please!