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  1. haha cool
  2. or madness
  3. i decided to get a new clean start with the map, it was so messy i had to change my worklow and use measure textures on 128 scale now i am happy with how things are going ,i'll keep working on the project too realeas it as christmas present
  4. i had to delete the church and creat a new one, it was too claustrophobic and zombies had a bad nav inside
  5. ok thnx
  6. I'll check it if for u and add it to the new update i am working on right now ,its a little bit bigger so dont expect me to post it today
  7. ye i know but i still die too ofte like others befor they get the kills and leave u know
  8. monastary maybe dont know yet but here is the suggestet contrast ^^ its not much but i guess i will add more stuff during the workprocess
  9. Hey since so many players leave if they die in nmo i would recommend to add rescue points into ur offical nmo maps like in left 4 dead or chinatown i guess no one wants to obsovere for 15 minutes u could programm something that we mappers also can use easy like zones and zombiespawns etc
  10. thnx guys yep contrast sounds cool
  11. i am not sure about the name one idea was to call it purplehaze u know because of this purple fog etc
  12. well that sounds good to me i am not sure about the gameplay yet and it will get definetly more zones than this one i will post some pics of what i am working on now because i will add more open areas to the map its gona be really big for an nms at the end thnx
  13. i overhauled the church and added the 3dskybox
  14. cool vid, change the lighting a bit to get a more creepy atmosphere
  15. looks cool