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  1. UPDATE!!! Upon further review I learned that the filter_activator_class entity did not work. I thought it did but after more testing learned the zombies can still break the boards. However changing the min damage to 20 worked well and still allowed the player to break the boards in one hit while stopping the zombies from breaking the boards. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Thank you, the filter_activator_class entity worked with the boards after I went to re- nav_generate. I have yet to try the func_nav_blocker, mostly because i'm wondering if after the door is opened the zombies won't be able to walk through the open door frame. I might just try to fix this problem by changing the objective so instead of using the door to complete it I will make hiting the elevator button the door leads to end the objective. (the reason for this is that the objective is to find the elevator; the door led to the elevator room so when it was opened the objective to find the elevator was complete. However, the elevator still needs to be called up to the floor your on; so if the objective is to hit the elevator call button it doesen't ruin the objective) (or I could just put boards on the door thanks to your advice)
  3. I was able to check on the NPCs can't flag after changing the base.fgd but unfortunately when I got near the door the zombie on the other side opened it anyway. I still cannot find a way to make it so zombies are unable to break func_breakable entities as well as open doors. Thank you durkhaz~ for your help, if you or anyone else have any other ideas please notify me on this topic.
  4. Update: I learned that func_door_rotating and func_door have the ability to be unopenable to npcs in the flags, but the objects I listed above do not. I just need to know how to get the same effect for prop_door_rotating and func_breakable.
  5. I am currently having trouble making zombies unable to open certain prop_door_rotating entities that I am using for objectives. (when the zombies open the door the objective is completing itself) I also want the zombies to not break the func_breakable entities that I am currently using to board up a door, but they always break the boards before the player can get to them. If anyone knows how to stop zombies from opening certain doors or breaking certain func_breakable entities then please help. (note: players need to be able to perform the stated actions, only the npc zombies need to be prevented form doing them) Thanks in advance for anyone with information.