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  1. Ah, you're a life saver! I couldn't figure out Hammer Editor if my life depended on it. Thank you very much for the command line, as it works perfectly. On a side note, it showed a couple of extra hidden things I won't mention, but I'm definitely excited to see them be implemented later on!
  2. Sorry to those who dislike them, but on the bright side, they're only client-side modifications. That way, only those who like like them would see them, and everyone can have their own preferred experience.
  3. I see. Thank you both for the replies. I'll be sure to try out the Hammer Editor as it seems to be the best method.
  4. When I say variants, I'm talking about the color swaps for each zombie. For example, the common jogger zombie wears a brown sweater, and has a variation of Red, Blue, and a Green that has the text "Kiss me I'm vegan" Before when I was playing, I remembered seeing a lot of these different variations across the zombie list. But after modding just two of them, it seems that none of the zombie variants ever show up anymore. I know that it's possible to spawn a zombie shambler, runner, and child through console commands. However, it will give that zombie a random skin. And so the question I have is, is it possible to spawn a specific zombie variant within the game? This way I can check if there's any that needs fixing quickly and efficiently if I happen to mess up on any skins.
  5. I've been playing NMRiH for a while and I recently noticed that it was packaged the same way as Insurgency when I was actively making mods. Just to test to see if it would work the same way, I made a re-skin of The Hunter with a couple of anime graphics of my favorite character Chitoge Kirisaki, from Nisekoi. I also included a zombie re-texture for when you become one of them. There was a pretty big lack in re-textures (well then again, I didn't search too hard), so I figured I'd start making a few anime-themed contributions for those of us who would like them. As for the changes, I've added graphics to: Jacket Inner Shirt Baseball Cap Jeans (Cell phone keychain) Neck Tattoo (though it's difficult to see in-game) The vpk can be downloaded at: http://www.mediafire.com/download/89psr8vyvgn0f5l/chitogehunter.vpk To install the mod, it can be done in 3 easy steps: Go to your steam folder Steam\steamapps\common\nmrih\nmrih\custom Drag the .vpk to the custom folder I've never touched the game files until now, so I'm assuming that this is the only thing you need to do to install it. If you have any questions or issues, please post below and I'll do what I can to help.