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  1. Are you all on the same ip range for a start? go to windows menu type cmd, open command prompt type ipconfig Do it on all computers and check what your ipv4 address is. all three ip addresses need to have the same numbers in the first 3 groups. i.e, & is fine (the first 3 groups are the same, the last group cannot be the same). If the last group is the same or the first three groups are not the same that would be a problem.
  2. Nice thanks for that. I have a download page for all nmrih maps here http://fragden.net.au/nmrihmaps.php Feel free to download anything you like.
  3. nmo_cabin has an underground section so does nmo_lakeside, nmo_toxteth and nmo_zephyr oh and theres nmo_underground you can also try nms_mcc_diablo, nms_lila_panic, nms_pacman But some more maps wouldn't be a problem is someone wanted to make them
  4. If you want to post a link Ill host it on my servers. nmo_ocwd is a great map.
  5. Great map, added to my servers. I have had a few complains from the less advanced users, Someone claimed to have spent 8 hours and not finished the map, therefore it must be broken LOL
  6. Thanks for all the great work you have done
  7. If you want to know how to configure the RTV map vote you should have a look here https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Map_Management_Plugins_%28SourceMod%29 You can increase the number of maps in the rtv map vote with by setting changing the settings for the mapchooser plugin. Or you can use the nominate plugin to allow users to nominate ANY map to add to the RTV list before calling RTV. I still use RTV and nominate on my servers probably because it has always been on there so why take it away. yomox9 is correct you don't really need it now that map vote is available in game
  8. P.S If you want to become No 1 you've got alot of points to get to beat our No 1 player Here our top 5, so you can dream Name Kills Deaths Points [AUS] Midnight 71971 2228 52245 Winter Chill 29826 105 41851 CLA0005 28330 499 29143 Balance_Master 19629 301 23571 Smop 15672 241 17556 You can check your rank and points any time @ http://fragden.net.au/stats/nmrihstats/
  9. Hi Bootiful007 Thanks for your email Problem has been fixed. You will now be able to gain points and ranks on our servers. Come by any time and join the fun. I have just added another bunch of custom maps to the servers. Lots of new stuff to check out.
  10. Makes me want to setup a beta server just to run it. Guess ill just have to play on my own. For now.
  11. thumbs up for the update. Will add to our servers tonight.
  12. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, to regenerate the .ain files and update my download server. Nice work
  13. what os are you running? is it dedicated or listen server
  14. Added to mapcycle Thanks for another great map Some one should put PorkChops on their pay roll just saying...
  15. Just so I understand the issue If I duplicate a server I need to remove the .ain files /nmrih/maps/graphs The .ain files will be regenerated the first time the server calls the map. This stops the issue with no supply drops on older maps???